Review | Lancôme Rénergie Yeux Multiple Lift Ultimate Rejuvenating Eye Duo

I’ve been test-driving this new eye cream given to me by Lancôme a while back. Here are my thoughts on this product which promises to reduce the appearance of dark circles and eye bags, smooth out fine lines and smoothen/firm/brighten the eye contour.

The texture of the formulation is quite impressive. It is clearly a rich eye cream in that it feels substantial on the skin, yet it has a lovely light texture that allows it to be easily absorbed – there is no oily or sticky after-feel, certainly. There is a mild touch of creaminess but nothing uncomfortable. It lasts till the following day and seems to keep my undereye area reassuringly hydrated. I really like how it feels on my eyes.

More importantly, it visibly diminishes the appearance of fine lines and is a good undereye-concealer prep-product. There is some degree of firmness initially but for the most part, my undereye area feels soft and silky with this eye cream. So it doesn’t so much de-puff as it moisturises but it does the latter well.

I don’t have severe dark circles so I can’t comment on its efficacy in this area but the illuminator atop the eye cream does a nice job of evening out the skin tone around the eyes.

The brightening cream (more makeup than skincare) has a cream-to-powder formula – it is silky and goes onto the skin smoothly without caking (you can actually layer this with no problems, although I found that a couple of layers more than meets my needs). It won’t replace a concealer but will work on its own to subtly illuminate and lift the eye area, despite having no shimmer in its formula – it does it all with its clear beige shade. I like the soft luminous appearance it imparts and a quick slick of this will visually perk up my eye area immediately.

The eye cream is lightly-fragranced (why, I don’t understand) and is housed in a pot – sturdy but not too hygienic, unfortunately.

I like this product for personal use but I’d say that it is also a handy product for makeup artists, thanks to its lovely texture which works well with makeup products, as well as the swift and natural-looking illumination it imparts.

Below is the technical/formulation mumbo jumbo from Lancôme:

1. A firmer eye contour: the GF-Volumetry complex which stimulates all of the factors involved in cellular communication. – The Rénergie formula harnessed for this eye cream, basically.

2. ‘Lifted’ eyelids: Rénergie Yeux Multiple Lift cream is enriched with a skin-tightening active Argan extract.

3. Reduced appearance of crow’s feet: Argan extract and the GF-Volumetry complex work in a complimentary (sic) manner to provide a tightening effect on the skin’s surface as well as promoting (sic) plumping benefits.

4. A visibly more luminous eye contour: a mix of pigments with an emollient, powdery, cream-oil create a brilliant light effect without looking heavy or artificial for a universal shade.

5. Puffiness reduced: the formula contains an extract of pine which helps stimulate microcirculation1 to enhance drainage and reduce puffiness.

6. Disminished dark circles: an ingredient complex rich in flavonoids, amino acids and peptides helps reduce the color of dark circles.

Rénergie Yeux Multiple Lift (S$120/15 ml for the cream and 4 g for the illuminator) is already available at the Takashimaya Lancôme counter and will be available island-wide by next year.

Image source: Lancôme Singapore


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