Review | Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX

I can’t remember if I ever tried this properly in the past but I was recently gifted with the latest version of this popular hydrating mask by the brand. I opened it almost immediately, well-aware of its fame and was quickly impressed by its efficacy – I love how smooth and plump my skin feels after use!

I finally understand why it has received so many accolades. I was talking about this mask to my makeup artist pal Larry Yeo and he likes it too. :) I couldn’t hear him clearly over the phone but I believe he told me that the ceramide ingredient in this mask is excellent. According to the brand, Ceramide SLN strengthens the skin’s barrier function and prevents moisture loss.

This mask may be gel-based but it readily sinks into the face and neck, unlike some gel moisturisers that just sit on the surface of the skin. Although I don’t detect any obvious brightening, my face does look and feel smoother the day after.

I did read that it broke some acne-prone people out but I suspect that they either have very reactive skin or applied too much of it (the brand cautions against putting too much of the product on the skin) as there are also many positive reviews from acne-prone users who claim that their skin cleared up as a result of this face mask.

For technical/formula information (please don’t ask me to explain snow water science :P), do visit the Laneige website.

Image source: Laneige


  • Angie Twe says:

    I have acne skin/scar but this helped out in smoothing my skin a lot. I still get redness around the acne scar, but its lesser.

  • Susan Koh says:

    I have acne prone skin now too. I just purchased this when I went to Seoul and cant wait to start using it.

  • Jenny says:

    This is one product that I’ve always, always wanted to get my hands on. I have a Laneige liquid foundation which I earlier reviewed in my blog, and it was soooo amazing. I thought maybe other Laneige products are also good. Hope I also receive a gift like this soon. :D



  • Meow says:

    Ceramides, they are the key ingredients in those EA capsules too!

  • jy says:

    this is especially great when i travelled to cold countries… to the extent, hubs and i used it as a moisturizer!

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi JY,

      Ah, more proof that it’s a good product! :) Did you have problems with leaving it on for a prolonged period? The instructions say to wash it off the following day and I wonder about this.

  • jy says:

    Hi Mag!

    Nope, i didnt have problems with leaving it on for prolonged period of time (not at least with my skin and i have sensitive skin). It does help with my eczema too as it provides much moisture

    However, if one is greedy and apply too much and didnt cleanse face thoroughly the next day, application of make up may be affected ie might see some “caking up” esp when putting on foundation.

    experienced that first hand =p

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