Anna Sui Spring 2012 Rose Fairy Collection

So, smile for a while and let’s be jolly
Love shouldn’t be so melancholy
Come along and share the good times while we can…

I can’t promise you a rose garden but here’s a look at the pretty Anna Sui Rose Fairy Collection for Spring 2012, which prominently features the bloom.

The roses that grace this spring set take centrestage on the counter display, flanked by the other offerings in this wearable collection.

The six exquisite palettes exude femininity not only with their form but also their hues.

Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color (S$49) is available in the following variations:

  • 100 Mystic Rose (Ice Blue/Pale Lavender/Orchid White/Misty Purple)
  • 300 Romantic Rose (Fuchsia Pink/Rose Pink/Sweet Pink/Shell Pink)
  • 301 Dreamy Rose (Hot Pink/Bright Orange/Candy Pink/Peach Pink)
  • 400 Anna Rose (Bright Red/Cardinal Red/Coral Pink/Pale Pink)
  • 500 Antique Rose (Reddish Brown/Smoky Rose/Cinnamon Brown/Warm Beige)
  • 600 Sunny Rose (Vivid Orange/Apricot Orange/Golden Orange/Champagne Beige)

Like almost all Anna Sui makeup products, these are infused with a tea rose scent.

Here are swirled swatches, using all four colours in each palette. The individual shades can be worn on their own too, to add dimension to the visage. Happily, they don’t just look lovely, they also apply well. These satiny blushes go on smoothly and will impart soft glimmer, if your brush grazes the shimmery centre bloom. They are quite pigmented and don’t need a lot of layering to show up.

Three new products round off the collection: Cheek Brush (S$51), Double Lipgloss (S$42) and Liquid Eyeliner (S$33).

Measuring 10 cm, the retractable blush brush with a wine-coloured crown is a nifty tool for blush touch-ups.

The dual-ended lipglosses feature a sparkly clear side and a vibrant accent shade on the other; the pretty and pigmented colours beautifully complementing the rose palettes. These lipgloss duos are available in:

  • 01 Sensual Rose (Crystal Pink & Cherry Red)
  • 02 Seductive Rose (Pearly White & Rose Pink)
  • 03 Prismatic Rose (Sparkle Yellow & Orange)

I didn’t get a chance to play with them but the new eyeliners have felt-tips that seem to go on fairly well. These waterproof liquid liners are available in:

  • 001 Black
  • 200 Violet
  • 500 Brown

Joey and Sara have some amazing photos of the collection, so do check out their websites. :)

Image source: Anna Sui Singapore


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