Review | Anna Sui Rose Cheek Colors in 100 Mystic Rose and 300 Romantic Rose

When I first saw the Anna Sui Rose Fairy Collection, I knew I had to have Mystic Rose and Romantic Rose. One is a luminescent lavender-based highlighter, the other a sweet pink cheek hue.

Like most (if not all?) Anna Sui products, they are infused with a tea-rose scent. Thankfully, the fragrance isn’t as tenacious as that in the brand’s nail lacquers – it’s rather subtle and fades after a while.

Mystic Rose snared my heart when Iris first wrote about this collection. The combination of lilac, lavender, icy blue and snowy white is not only unusual, its ethereal glow is also apt for this collection’s faerie theme. It is the perfect highlighter to complement cool-toned blushes like Romantic Rose. It’s not just an opalescent illuminator, though – it can be used to cool warmer blushes too. I reckon it can be used to neutralise warm-toned base makeup but I’ve yet to try it for this purpose. I love blushes that veer lavender and while this is more suitable as a highlighter than a blush, its cool blue tones – so rare in a cheek product – are truly welcome in my makeup stash.

Romantic Rose is a medley of pearl pink, rose, cool fuchsia and strawberry; a delightfully feminine palette that pairs well with many of my eye looks.

100 Mystic Rose
(Ice Blue/Pale Lavender/Orchid White/Misty Purple)

300 Romantic Rose
(Fuchsia Pink/Rose Pink/Sweet Pink/Shell Pink)

Above are swatches of the individual colours of each palette, as well as swatches of the colours combined.

Their predominantly cool tones make them complementary shades and I love pairing the two. I like to use Romantic Rose on the apples of my cheeks and highlight with Mystic Rose, going over with the former on the cheekbones after that, blending the two to avoid demarcated colour stripes. They go on evenly, despite the varying hues in the pan, although the level of shimmer depends on how much my blush brush grazes the shimmery blooms.

In the two photos above, I’m wearing DiorSnow UV Shield BB Creme and Clarins Skin Illusion Natural Radiance Foundation respectively, dusted with a little Lancôme Teint Miracle Natural Light Creator Translucent Loose Powder. I’d applied the highlighter and blush on my cheeks without using any cream blush as a base and they lasted fairly long (about 7-8 hours) over these base products, fading a little over the course of the day.

I’ve been using these two compacts almost every day, ever since I received them as press samples from the brand. They’ve certainly impressed me with their form and function – not only are they aesthetically-pleasing with their 3-dimensional floral motif, they apply beautifully and last on the face. At only S$49, these colours are certainly worth purchasing.

I’m now considering more colours from the range…and toying with the idea of buying will buy a back-up of Mystic Rose. As you can tell from the first photo in this post, the centre bloom of this highlighter is already blurred due to frequent usage. ;) I’m so glad the Rose Cheek Color palettes will be part of the brand’s permanent makeup range!

Image source: Anna Sui Cosmetics


  • kimby says:

    wow they are such gorgeous colors! im a fan of anna sui cosmetics too! the purple themed blush is amazing i would love to get my hands on it one day! too bad they don’t stock anna sui products around my area ;-; they used to sell them at urban outfitters but they stopped stocking in store, so right now i don’t have much access to anna sui beauty products. but im lucky that they are part of the permanent range!

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Kimby,

      They are exquisite. I love how beautiful they look and wear. :) I hope UO stock these eventually. Good luck!

  • Cheryn says:

    Can’t wait to try them in person!!

  • Michelle says:

    I have the same two shades too!!! I like how Romantic Rose is a cool toned pink and Mystic Rose is a cool highlighter! I absolutely love this combo!!

  • Marta says:

    The pink one looks so beautiful!

  • plue says:

    they are lovely! i am still yet to pick up mine :P but am going for 100 and 400 though! 301 is on the list, but now looking at 300, it looks like i might pick up this too!

  • Sam says:

    Love the look of these! In need of a new blush, will add to this morning’s shopping list.

  • Thanks for the detailed review and I seriously have not looked twice at these Anna Sui blushes until I stumbled upon your post on them. You are so right that Mystic Rose is an incredibly unusual highlighter…I’ll def swatch this when I pass by a counter!!

  • Ella says:

    First off, thanks for replying comments so fast Mag!! :) Next, Mystic Rose really caught my eye when you swatched it. I often walk by Anna Sui thinking their products look a bit to ‘bling’. Gonna consider Mystic Rose as a highlighter and face illuminator.

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Ella,

      I sometimes take my time with replying and am not always prompt. :P Hope you like Mystic Rose as much as I do! :)

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