A Gift! – Manufaktura Handmade Glycerine Soap in Green Apple

A gift from a friend who visited the Czech Republic, this pretty soap block reminds me of a certain kind of eraser I used to own (and dissect) when I was a child. Like the latter, this clear glycerin bath bar is studded with creamy and translucent smaller blocks.

I used to enjoy cutting through those erasers to get at the mini-pieces but with this soap, the little bits actually detach on their own! They do stick back fairly easily after I’m done with my shower but they can be unwieldy.

That said, this soap leaves me squeaky clean without drying out my skin, if that makes sense; I’m loving it for these humid days. According to the brand, it is paraben-free and contains natural ingredients such as thermal mineral salt and Vitamin E, as well as moisturising glycerine and coconut oil.

I like its gentle apple scent too – it lingers on the skin but isn’t obtrusive. The mild fragrance really reminds me of the fine apple mist that’s released with a firm bite.

Besides Green Apple, here are two other offerings in the same range: Wild Cherry and Cream & Vanilla. These hand-made soaps really do look like the Asian agar-agar gelatin desserts that we get here.

The soap blocks also come in rounds that look adorably like jellies or blancmanges. Here are Pear & Honey and Beer. Yum!

Animal lovers will be happy to know that Manufaktura is the first Czech company approved under the Humane Cosmetics Standard (HCS) – the brand doesn’t test its products on animals.

Manufaktura reminds me of Lush and Sabon but somehow has a more charming feel, thanks in part to the quaint logo illustration and I suppose because it’s Eastern European. ;)

Here’s a glimpse at a Manufaktura store…I’d dearly love to see one here in Singapore! ~ For more photos from the brand, do visit their Facebook page.

Image sources: ManufakturaBy Nature and Nový Smíchov.


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