Review | Kate Real Create Eyes in GN-1 and Cream Cheek in PK-4

New to the Kate makeup line-up are the Real Create Eyes eyeshadow quints and Cream Cheek cream blush pots for Spring/Summer 2012.

Like the brand’s other eye palettes, this new offering is a lightweight compact that contains several colour pans that lend versatility and dimension to eye looks.

I received Real Create Eyes in GN-1 from the brand to review and liked the presentation of the colours at first sight – it reminded me of confectionery! ;)

In the palette are a translucent white gel-crème with multi-coloured sparkles, a deep olive brown, a mushroom taupe, a mint green and a pink-beige that reminds me of MAC Pink Opal pigment. They all contain shimmer, though the two wider pans are more pearlescent in finish.

The cream is a huge disappointment. While I like the rainbow shimmer, the texture is going to alienate many with oily lids. The first time I tried it, I thought I could apply it over a done eye for added sparkle but it ended up smearing and destroying my eye look. The second time I tried it, I applied it sheerly on the lid. It held up slightly better but I’d say it’s best to avoid it, unless you’re going for a semi-glossy look that’s not going to be crease-free. I suppose you could use it to add a glow to your lips or cheekbones, so it’s not completely useless.

The other colours fared much better. The harmonious tones blend seamlessly into one another and I could create a variety of looks with them, ranging from a simple fresh eye to a smokey one.

They aren’t extremely pigmented but office ladies will rejoice at how wearable they are. That said, the intensity of the deeper hues can be built and do pop over dark bases. They work well with the included sponge-tip applicator and fingertips.

I particularly enjoy their smooth texture and how they don’t cake when layered. They actually remind me of the much-loved but sadly-discontinued T’estimo eyeshadows, also made by Kanebo.

I also received Cream Cheek in PK-2. The cream blush is housed in a glass pot whose small circumference might be restrictive where reaching the product is concerned. It will accommodate a fingertip (or two!) and a cream blush brush (the kind with a dense head).

PK-2 is a flattering pink-peach that works well with several eye looks. Though it veers warm, it pairs well with GN-1.

The smooth texture is a plus and the softness of tone means you’ll be hard put to go wrong with it. It isn’t as pigmented as Heavy Rotation Creamy Cheeks or Canmake Cream Cheek but it imparts a very natural hint of colour to my cheeks. It doesn’t fade very much on the skin but it seems a tad fainter at the end of the day. It won’t be hard to touch up, though – it can be worn beneath and over powder.

For this blush to show up better, you’ll have to layer it by dabbing it on (it doesn’t need much blending out as that will only cause it to disappear). It might not show up on some skin tones as it’s very sheer, so do try it at the display before purchasing.


In Singapore, the eyeshadow palette retails at S$27, while the cream blush is priced at S$20. Quite dear, if you ask me; Kate is a drustore brand, after all. You do get 5 colours with the palette but it’s hard not to baulk at the price of the blush.


  • Sam says:

    Like the cream blush! Would be good for work.

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Sam,

      It’s super easy to wear! It’s not the cheapest of drugstore cream blushes, I’ll admit but if you like its ease of use + the shade, it’s worth purchasing. :)

  • Jan says:

    Thanks for the review and eyeshadow look. I have been eyeing the green palette for ages but I think I have some similar shades in my stash that I will try out first. I am a sucker for such palettes because it is so convenient to have everything in one portable place :) The cream blush looks pretty but I have decided that I don’t like blush in pot packaging :/ I would rather go for cream blush in a tube like Lunasol’s.

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Jan,

      The eyeshadow palette is worth a go. The colours blend very well together and I like how the darker shades can be layered for intensity. The complementary shades are easy to pull off and it’s a good palette for holiday use too. :) Heavy Rotation makes a cream blush in a tube! ;)

  • germs says:

    this is a lil off topic, but i was trying to swatch the palette at Watsons and the cream was all melted and gross so i skipped the whole palette altogether. now that i’ve seen your review this looks like a pretty convenient palette to have :) must say i’m quite surprised at how the green pops on the eyelids because it looked quite sheer on hand!

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Germs,

      Yep – I’m not sure why the formula is so goopy this time round. The older gels are less emollient/sticky. I have it on as a base, actually! The green pops nicely over it. ;)

  • Jan s says:

    Mag, where would I be able to buy heavy rotation? Is it available at watson’s?

  • Jan s says:

    Oh I just found your heavy rotation blush review:) might give that a try. I am tempted to buy another canmake cream cheeks too, since watson’s is having a sale now…

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Jan,

      Oh, then this blush would be $16; the discount would take the edge of the price tag! Happy exploring.

  • Cheryn says:

    I like the cream brush! So pretty! But I think must always wash that brush after using ><

  • milktea says:

    Wondering… how do you like this cream blush, if compared to Canmake’s range of creamy blushes? :)

    • makeupmag says:

      Hey Milktea,

      I like that you cannot go wrong with it + its flattering shade. It’s very sheer, though (could be a plus or minus, depending on your stance) and I find the Canmake ones much more pigmented; i.e. less time needed for layering.

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