Baby BBB | Kiehl’s Baby Gentle Foaming Hair and Body Wash

When I gave birth to my daughter last year, Kiehl’s Singapore kindly sent me a congratulatory gift comprising their diaper cream and baby lip balm, as well as this baby wash.

It’s not in the natural or organic category but it is pediatrician-tested to minimise allergy risk. The brand also states that it is pH-balanced and sensitivity-tested for daily use.

The tear-free formulation seems mild and the wash is suitable for the gentle cleansing of baby hair, scalp and body. The mousse is airy but despite its lightness, it actually cleans well. It also has a comfortable after-feel that is rather moisturising, probably due to the glycerin and honey in it.

I used this a lot during my baby’s early months and I loved how clean my baby felt, yet her skin remained soft and smooth. I do admit that this had more to do with her newborn skin than the wash but the cleanser isn’t drying, certainly.

I wasn’t sure about the fruity fragrance, at first – it was almost-cloying – but it dissipates rather quickly post-wash. On the Kiehl’s website, we are told that it is ‘infused with a very carefully selected blend of vanilla, apples, pears, and sweet berries’.

I have a strong affection for this wash, this fondness stemming from the fact that I’d used it on my little one from the time she was born. We all know the power of scent and the distinct fragrance, which had seemed too sweet at first, has since become a lovely scent memory.

At one point, I was hoarding the remnants of it in the bottle because I wanted to preserve the special scent. You see, I’d tried to replenish it at the Kiehl’s counter at Tangs Orchard but it was sold out there and according to Kiehl’s Singapore, this product has been discontinued. :(

Thankfully, I found it at the brand’s Ion Orchard store and I’m told that this foam will be available there while stocks lasts. :) In Singapore, this 200 ml bottle retails at S$38.


  • Jacqueline says:

    This might be strange but I loved smelling my son’s forehead when he was young, so your post about sweet smelling babies reminded me of that. Ah they grow up so quickly, no more baby smell :(

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Jac,

      They grow up so fast…too quickly for my liking. I might not be able to capture my baby’s special smell but at least certain fragrances will remind me of her early days. :) (I think Mustela will also remind me of her infanthood, heh.)

      My family frequently sniffs the little one; that pure scent is amazing.

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