Review | Skin79 BB Cleanser

When I first saw this face wash from Skin79, I was intrigued by its name. I wondered how it related to bb cream, especially given that the brand is well-known for its bb creams.

To be honest, I still don’t know the association. But I’ll wrangle that it helps eliminate blemishes like a bb cream claims to do or perhaps it’s formulated to remove bb cream. Quite possibly too, the name could be a reference to the bubbles that are a feature of this cleanser.

It contains a host of natural ingredients: Chia seeds to moisturise, acacia to promote elasticity, pomegranate and fig for ‘vitality’ (not sure what this means!), oatmeal extract to hydrate and occlude, as well as maackia fauriei (a Korean flowering plant) to brighten and defend against toxins.

The ‘O2’ on the bottle refers to the ‘microscopic bubble particles delivering oxygen to the skin’ to deep-cleanse but I’m sceptical about this claim – they’re just air bubbles that sit on the skin and burst when rubbed, no?

A viscous liquid at first, it reacts with air – not water – bubbling up into a foam that promises to remove makeup and dirt from the face. The foam is the key to cleansing, so you must let the gel sit on the skin for a bit to form the bubblies before you wash your face (a minute or two does the trick). The resulting foam isn’t as dense or firm as that of Ettusais Foamy Rich Mousse. Rather, it is light and airy despite the seemingly compact bubbles.

I am not fond of the somewhat-thin consistency, preferring washes that are foamier. It also stung my face when my skin was going through a sensitive phase. That said, it does not cause a reaction during my skin’s calmer periods and it’s slightly gentler than some facial foams (my face doesn’t feel tight/dry post-wash) and like most of them, my face looks fairer and clearer after use.

Though it doesn’t feel very substantial, it cleanses adequately and is able to remove light, non-waterproof makeup. I don’t rely on it for that latter purpose, though – I’m partial to my cleansing oils and double-cleansing step.

I do like the catchy ‘One Shot! One Kill!’ tagline which is something a Korean drama character would say! ;)

In Singapore, this cleanser retails at S$24.90. This review was based on a press sample but I like it well enough to purchase a bottle as a gift for a friend who has expressed curiosity about this product.

Image source: Skin79

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