Becca in Singapore (Again)

Having come in and out of our beauty market over the past few years, Becca seems to be a transient brand here in Singapore.

I remember it being at Sephora and Changi Airport in the past but my beauty pal Iris reminded me that it was once available at Seiyu (pre-BHG) too, before that.

This time round, it has found a home (and a comfortable one, I believe) at Escentials.

The brand is well-known for its extensive base makeup range with different finishes and varying levels of coverage. Women (and men) of colour will be pleased to know that deeper – wearable – base shades are available within the range.

The point makeup range isn’t as colourful or vibrant as that of brands like MAC and Urban Decay but it is a dependable one, with face-friendly hues that easily enhance one’s features.

The top-selling Beach Tint, a liquid tint for the cheeks and lips, is an award-winning product that has found popularity with many because of its ability to impart a natural flush.

I am particularly fond of the brand’s Crème Blush which is extremely pigmented yet blends effortlessly on the skin.

Eye Tint is another favourite of makeup lovers, thanks to its lid-flattering shades and easy dispensation of colour.

I had a chance to try some of the base products, courtesy of the brand.

Luminous Skin Colour SPF 25+ in Cashmere is a comfortable liquid foundation, suitable for our humid climes. It is buildable to a medium coverage but I like it sheer.

Boudoir Skin Mineral Powder Foundation in Dream is a lightweight and silky powder that pairs well with the liquid foundie for a natural look.

Compact Concealer in Cashew is too yellow for me (I prefer something more salmon-toned) but I appreciate its two-sided pan that avails to users both medium and full coverage.

In addition to the base products, I also used Eye Tint in Pewter and Crème Blush in Wild Orchid in the look below.

While I love the deep pewter shade of the cream shadow, I’m not sure about its texture which can be too emollient, impeding blending – the colour has a tendency to go on unevenly. However, this is in part due to the separation of the oil and pigments. As such, I’ve found that it works better when I shake the tube beforehand.

I’ve loved Wild Orchid for a long time since I ordered it from the Becca website some time back. Its pretty violet-pink tone complements many of my smokey eye looks. This cream blush is extremely pigmented – a smidgeon goes a long way – but blends like a dream. It is always smooth and even on my cheeks, never patchy.

This look was put together very quickly. I like how fresh and clean the base products make my skin look. I’ve used this combination (sans the too-yellow concealer) several times now, as I like the light-yet-not-skint coverage that gives my skin a natural radiance. I do start to look dewy within 3-4 hours but the oilies are easily stemmed with blotting sheets.

Here are the prices of some of the Becca products available at Escentials:

  • Rejuvenating Primer – S$70
  • Shimmering Skin Perfector – S$73
  • Stick Foundation – S$75
  • Compact Concealer – S$65
  • Fine Pressed Powder – S$75
  • Boudoir Mineral Skin Powder – S$58
  • Boudoir Skin Kabuki Brush – S$75
  • Beach Tint – S$45
  • Sheer Lip Tint – S$48
  • The Ultimate Mascara – S$40

A caveat: As much as I enjoy Becca products and their classy chocolate-pewter compacts, the rubberised packaging has the same flaw as that of Nars – it becomes sticky over time. That said, the Becca cases are somewhat small, so chances are you’d be done with the product before they start to degenerate. ;)

Becca can be found at the Escentials boutiques located at Paragon and The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, as well as at the Escentials space at the Tangs Orchard. I hope the brand is here to stay this time!

Image source: Becca


  • Karen says:

    Loving this look on you! I totally dig the fresh and natural finish of the base products too. Now, if only it wasn’t so humid here! lol

    • makeupmag says:

      Hello Karen!

      Thanks! :) Becca is such an easy brand to wear. As with gorgeous Nars, I wish they could do something about the packaging, though.

  • espenine says:

    The liquid foundation looks very healthy on you! Do you think the foundation would be able to cover acne marks?

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Espenine,

      It depends on how dark (deep?) the marks are. It does obscure my spider veins but not entirely (I don’t use a lot of the foundie, though!). Do give it a try at the Escentials boutique. It’s in a pump bottle, so it’s pretty safe. :) Good luck and do let me know if it works for you!

  • Jacqueline says:

    I have been wanting to try their base products but I think I have somewhat ODed on foundations so this will have to with until I finish at least two foundations. :) I love the look you have done, so fresh! I like their cream blush too but I’m not a big fan of the packaging.

  • Nat says:

    Hi, do you remember the price for the luminous skin colour? was thinking of purchasing it online. it’s about SGD68 and free shipping.

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