Shu Uemura Color Atelier Glitter Eye Shadow Birthday Haul

In a spectrum of sparkly rainbow colours, the new glitter eyeshadows from Shu Uemura caught my eye when they launched earlier this year.

I couldn’t resist the smooth prismatic sparkles, so I treated myself on my birthday way back in June and came home with 7 of them! ;)

Shortly after I’d purchased my birthday booty, I met up with the brand to explore the full Shu Uemura Color Atelier Summer 2012 collection to which these shadows belong.

Below are pictures and swatches of the new additions to the extensive Shu Uemura eyeshadow range. Do note that though they’re housed in named palettes for the collection, they’re also sold separately.

For reference, here are the brand’s eyeshadow codes denoting the different finishes:

M: Matte
P: Pearl
IR: Iridescent
ME: Metallic
G: Glitter

G Copper 261, G Orange 251, G Yellow 345, P Soft Beige 823, ME Soft Olive 433
G Blue Green 641, G Blue 646, G Purple 745, G Pink 135, P Soft Coral 121

We’ve had a taste of the Glitter shadows in the Shu Uemura Spring/Summer 2012 collection, though these new ones seem slightly more vibrant.

G115, G311, G090

This year, the brand introduces the Silk Smooth Eye Shadows formulated with a quaintly-named ‘silky chiffon technology’ for silkiness and long-lasting sparkles.

P301, P101, P908
P461, P796, P871

For highlighting and priming (top row), as well as eye-definition (bottom row), the brand has also introduced 6 new Creamy Eye Shadows formulated with ‘surface smoothing technology’ to allow the colours to spread on and stay on well.

Sparkling Ocean: PES Purple G745, PES Blue Green G641, Creamy ES P871, Silk Smooth ES G311

Sparkling Pink: Creamy ES P101, PES Pink G135, Silk Smooth IR115, Creamy ES P796

Sparkling Sunrise: Silk Smooth ES G909, PES Soft Beige P823, PES Copper G261, PES Yellow G345

Sparkling Breeze: Creamy ES P301, PES Soft Olive ME433, PES Blue G646, Creamy ES P461

Sparkling Sunset: Creamy ES P908, PES Soft Coral P121, PES  Orange G251, Creamy ES P871

The glitter is refined, for the most part. There is some fallout but the flatness of the sparkle particles do lend adherence to the shadows.

Here’s Sparkling Dramatic Gaze, a colourful yet ethereal look created with the Sparkling Ocean palette.

I was charmed by the limited edition Sparkling Palette – with its turquoise speckles, it is reminiscent of the flecked artwork of my youth, created with a comb and a toothbrush!

In Singapore, the palette and the PES singles retail at SS$22 each.

This post is long overdue but you’d be happy to know that these eyeshadows are permanent to the Shu Uemura eyeshadow range. :)

Image source: Shu Uemura


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