Review | Bioré Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover

Launched a while back, Bioré Aqua Jelly is a makeup remover in a ‘jelly serum’ form.

Essentially a liquidy gel, 1/3 of this viscuous fluid apparently contains a moisturising essence that prevents the skin from drying out. Happily, I found this to be true of the press piece I tried – my skin feels soft and comfy after washing it off and it doesn’t leave a sticky residue, either.

It’s easy to use: Simply rub it all over the face, eyes and lips and rinse with water after that. It takes off most makeup rather thoroughly but doesn’t live up to its claim to remove waterproof makeup – it is not very effective on my water-proof mascaras. For those, I always use my trusty cleansing oils.

To be fair, it eventually removes them after some time with careful rubbing but this is too time-consuming, not to mention damaging to my lashes and bad for the skin around my poor eyes that are already bearing the vestiges of time (aka wrinkles and fine lines).

It has a faint synthetic fruity scent that doesn’t really bother me but someone who follows me on Instagram likened it to plastic. :P

I have to give it points for its pump dispenser- not only is it hygienic and convenient, it also depresses cleanly and smoothly to give out the product. This might seem like a given for such a mechanism but I’ve seen my fair share of squishy, messy pumps, so I do appreciate the efficiency of this one! :)

In Singapore, this 230 ml bottle retails at S$24.90 and can be found at Watsons and other locations where the brand is carried. For more pictures, do read Yina Goh’s cheery review of this cleanser.

Image and video source: Bioré Singapore


  • Angela says:

    Goodness, this is expensive (compared to the similar Mandom gel makeup remover I’m using, for example)

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Angela,

      Funny how drugstore brands are getting pricier over the years. Which Mandom/Bifesta cleanser are you referring to, though? I can’t recall any aside from the micellar ones.

      • Angela says:

        Sorry, didn’t see your question till now! Mandom/Bifesta has a gel makeup remover that comes in a light blue tube, part of the Cleansing Express range. Can be used on wet or dry skin. And totally agree about the price creep on drugstore products. I stock up in Hong

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