Ettusais December 2012 Releases: Quick Fix Powder, Puru Puru Mist, Lash Version Up and Liquid Eyeliner WP in BR

New to Ettusais this December are a quartet of face and eye products.

The wildly-popular Ettusais Quick Fix Powder (S$28) is back in a new limited-edition packaging: Where previously it was dressed in a semi-translucent deep pink (think rose syrup!) compact with a white lace doily print, it is now housed in an opaque white case with a strawberry-pink lace doily print featuring dainty hearts.

The goodness of this shine-absorbing powder is still the same, though. ;)

Its popularity here has been so astounding that the brand had to bring in more stocks from Japan, where it doesn’t seem to sell as well as it does in Singapore – Japanese ladies apparently do not have the habit of touching up with blotting powders as we do on our humid and sunny island. ;)

Puru Puru Mist (S$29) is a facial spray that promises soft, bouncy and dewy skin.

With jelly capsules in the bottle, this intriguing product releases as a semi-solid, coating the skin with a protective layer comprising a mixture of royal jelly, collagen, glycerin and hyaluronic acid.

The brand describes it as a ‘lotion-like beauty essence mist with enriched moisture’.

I tried it on my face and true to its promise, it imparts a dewy feel and look to my skin, without caking up my makeup or feeling like an extraneous layer. I’m not sure if it’d last through a humid afternoon out but I think it’d suit dry environs like air-conditioned spaces.

It is slated to replace the brand’s existing Aqua Splash (Moisture).

Lash Version Up Mascara Base (S$28) is a black tinted mascara base that promises to give you a shiny Kewpie Doll lash curl with a special lash treatment agent.

This product will join the brand’s permanent makeup range.

Liquid Eyeliner WP in BR (S$25) is a follow-up to last year’s black liquid liner.

This new version comes in a softer warmer brown. Like the original, it has a fine tip and is quick-dry, water-proof and resistant to sweat and sebum too.

If you’re a fan of Ettusais Lip Essence, you will like the brand’s latest GWP –

An adorable Ettusais Lip Essence cushion! Receive this cute softie with S$80 spent.

The ever-popular Ettusais luggage that has fans saving up for bulk purchases is back too. It isn’t as whimsical as last year’s but it is eye-catching with its multi-coloured duck print. Receive this case with S$180 spent.

Happy Ettusais shopping!


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