The Body Shop Winter Trend 2012 Makeup Collection

Here are photos and swatches of some of the items from The Body Shop Winter Trend 2012 Makeup Collection.

In it are:

4-Colour Smoky Eye Palette in Smoky Moonstone (S$39.90)

A neutral-cool palette with a couple of pans veering on warm, I like the nuanced tones of the colours. They don’t have the refined quality of Japanese eyeshadows but will appeal to those who love eye colours that feel substantial in the pan. Incredibly dense in texture, the shadows are just a touch crumbly but still go on well. They can easily go from shimmery to frosty, so start with a light hand.

4-Colour Smoky Eye Palette in Smoky Copper (S$39.90)

A warmer palette than Smoky Moonstone but similar in colour density and texture, the colours will appeal to those who love coppers and bronzes.

Unlike last year’s simple design, this year’s palettes are emblazoned with the brand’s logo.

Metallic Eye Definer in 17 Golden Brown (S$19.90)

It’s a golden brown as described but it also veers a little olive, as you can see from the swatch. A smooth pencil, it makes a nice base for – and a complement to – the eye colours above.

The Body Shop Colourglide Shine Lip Colours in 10 Copper Mine, 11 Rare Coral, 12 Ruby Sparkle, 13 Rose Quartz (S$22.90)

Like the original 6, these new offerings are silky and have a lovely shine. They are sheer enough to act like neutrals but can be layered for slightly stronger looks.

Dazzling Rocks in Golden Copper (S$32.90)

A flat round tin of gold and bronze shimmery spheres, these highlighting beads are very pigmented. Use them alone or mixed, they impart a healthy and pretty glow to the face and body. A fluffy brush is best with these, as they easily deposit colour.

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