Review | Lab Series Multi-Action Face Wash and MAX LS Age-less Face Cream

LAB Series Skincare for Men Multi-Action Face Wash and MAX LS Age-less Face Cream

Over the past couple of months, my hubby has been test-driving two popular face products that Lab Series Singapore had sent him to try. Here are his thoughts on them.

Lab Series Multi-Action Face Wash (S$41/100 ml)

Formulated for all skin types (the label says ‘normal, dry or oily skin types’), this foaming cleanser contains tiny granules to exfoliate the skin. According to my hubby, it lathers up well, while the grainy bits exert enough friction to feel like they’re doing their job. The brand calls them ‘purifying beads’ but I’ve felt them and think they aren’t round; rather, they have an uneven texture that aids exfoliation.

LAB Series Multi-Action Face Wash Open

He likes that this cleanser leaves his skin feeling clean and smooth, plus there’s no tightness or dryness after washing. He also says that he likes the minty feel but the foam smells a touch ‘weird’. I sniffed it and it reminded me of the clean scent in Japanese facial foams, only fainter, really.

Its vitamin-enriched formula apparently not only conditions the skin but softens facial hair for a more comfortable shave, though my hubby hasn’t observed this keenly.

He might purchase it again but the price is a touch daunting. I personally feel it’s a superior facial wash, given its effective cleansing and exfoliating properties (I can see his face visibly brightened post-use) and might purchase this for him in the future.

Lab Series MAX LS Age-less Face Cream (S$118/50 ml)

Containing a patented blend of rejuvenating ingredients, this cream was inspired by sirtuins – a protein class that can prolong the life of skin cells and repair cellular damage. As such, it promises to repair the signs of ageing, while slowing down the rate at which skin appears to age. It also has a patented ‘Aquatron Water Technology’ which minimises the surface tension of water, allowing the skin to be more receptive to absorbing the active ingredients in the cream.

LAB Series MAX LS Age-less Face Cream Open

Ironically, my hubby feels that this cream is pretty thick; its density impeding application. However, once it’s spread onto his face, it is readily absorbed and feels comfortable on the skin. At first glance, the texture of the face cream looks like Crème de la Mer to me. I tested it on the back of my hand and found it pretty easy to apply, so I’m not sure why he has that particular problem. I’m guessing it might be that his face is usually damp when he’s using this – I’ve experienced this with CdlM; the oils in the cream and the water on my face not meshing well.

He has a bad habit of spreading moisturiser on the eye area, so I asked him if it stings his eyes – happily, it doesn’t. He also says it smells better than the foam.

Though his skin feels somewhat firmer after use, he’s uncertain about purchasing this cream because of his discomfort with the application. Nevertheless, he says he will continue using it before deciding.

ETA: I applied it on him in light layers and he seems to like it much better. I reckon he must’ve scooped up more than necessary and hence met with resistance when slathering it on! (Thankfully, it did not break him out.) He says he prefers the texture of the SKII Men moisturiser which has more slip than this face cream but I think this one has a lovely balanced texture – something to consider for men with oily skin.

LAB Series Skincare for Men Multi-Action Face Wash & MAX LS Age-less Face Cream

My man doesn’t care about this but I like the minimalist packaging with its clean fonts and chic simplicity.

LAB Series Skincare for Men Multi-Action Face Wash and MAX LS Age-less Face Cream Boxes

They’d make good skincare gifts for style-conscious gents, certainly! ;)


  • Sara says:

    Haha men must always be taught the right way to appreciate skincare! The Face Cream actually sounds quite nice and I think I may pick it up for hubs once he is out of his!

    • makeupmag says:

      Hey Sara,

      Your man is prolly more interested in skincare than mine is! I had to ask him a whole list of questions before I wrote this! ;)

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