Dior Vernis in 433 Délice and Dior Gel Coat

Dior Vernis in 433 Delice and Dior Gel Top Coat NOTD

A vivid coral-orange, this nail lacquer is a cheery one for the summer season.

With an obvious shimmery finish, Délice contains pretty multi-coloured sparkles (pink/orange/gold). Unfortunately, while the colour is visually-arresting, the formula feels goopier than that of the regular Dior Vernis. In addition, it doesn’t dry as shiny as the regular polishes.

I also tried the new Dior Gel Coat, a clear top coat that promises an ultra-shiny finish akin to that of a gel manicure. It dries rather quickly for a glossy finish but doesn’t prolong the wear of a polish to an impressive extent. Seche Vite does the same for much less but if you like a high-end topcoat for your luxury nail lacquers, this is something to try – at least it performs in the lacquered look department; some top coats are simply rubbish at this! As a bonus, it doesn’t cause polish shrinkage.

Dior Sparkling Shine and Gel Coat Vernis Visual

Délice is part of the Dior Sparkling Shine collection which includes 3 other vernis: 553 Princess, 343 Spring Ball and 643 Diablotine.

Dior Addict Gloss and Vernis in 433 Delice

They each have a corresponding Dior Addict Gloss from the revamped lipgloss range.

In Singapore, Dior Vernis and Dior Gel Coat retail at S$37, while Dior Addict Gloss retails at S$44.


  • Sam says:

    I love the new lipsticks (again, some on way to me!) and I love the matching nail polishes! I think Delice would be my pick – the shade looks gorgeous on you.

  • marta says:

    Looks gorgeous! You have beautifully manicured hands.

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Marta dear,

      Sorry for the late reply – I’ve been under the weather and my little girl too, so I haven’t been checking in as much on the bloggy. Thank you for the kind compliment! I hope you’ve been well!

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