Burberry Kisses

Burberry Kisses Composite

Now you can send a personalised Burberry kiss to anyone via your desktop using Google Chrome or via your mobile.

Burberry Kisses

‘Bringing emotion to technology’, Burberry has partnered with Google to seal digital messages with a kiss.

Burberry Kisses Steps

An innovative ‘kiss recognition technology’ allows your web or phone cam to detect and capture your lip imprint. Before sending your message, you can customise your kiss with one of five Burberry Beauty lipstick shades: Bright Plum No. 15, Tea Rose No. 8, Union Red No. 17, Nude Beige No. 01 and Devon Sunset No. 28.

Thanks to Google Street View/Google Maps, the puddles on the street will reflect the location from which your kiss departs and you can follow its journey as it flies over 3D skylines and recognisable landmarks. Verrry cool.

Have fun sending your Burberry Kisses! *muak*

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