Review | Dior Jelly Lip Pen in 476 Ilhabela

Dior Jelly Lip Pen in 476 Ilhabela Atop Dior Diorskin Nude Tan Paradise Duo in Pink Glow

Designed to be a moisturising lip balm with translucent colour, this chubby lip crayon is part of the Dior Bird of Paradise Summer Look 2013 collection.

Given the causal nature of the fuss-free packaging, it doesn’t seem very characteristic of the brand but does suit the summer season. The word ‘pen’ is also a bit of a misnomer as pens are usually more slender in shape; plus I usually associate the word with a click-pen dispenser. I know, I know…there are pens that twist up too. ;)

Dior Jelly Lip Pen in 476 Ilhabela

The brand describes it as ‘an intuitive applicator’ – a stretch of the imagination, considering that it doesn’t exactly respond instinctively (no, the user swivelling it does not count as being intuitive). That said, while I love my sharpenable lip pencils, I do appreciate the convenience of a self-sharpening/twist-up lip crayon.

Dior Jelly Lip Pen in 476 Ilhabela Swatch

Ilhabera has a lovely clarity of tone that reminds me of the product’s jelly namesake. It’s a clear princess pink that doesn’t change, although it does lighten with wear (it’s not budgeproof, as you might have already guessed from the name). It seems sheer initially but can be layered for a close-to-medium colour payoff. A softer version of a hot pink, it’s a more wearable rendition of the vibrant pinks that have been making the rounds on the fashion circuit.

Dior Jelly Lip Pen in 476 Ilhabela Lip Swatch

It’s not super-shiny but is quite shimmery – the sparkles are very visible and make for a fun lip. If you’re so inclined, you could emphasise them further with a clear gloss for an ultra-sparkly look. They don’t seem to settle into my lip lines but can be quite distracting, especially if you aren’t one for lip looks that dance in the light. ;)

It’s pretty moisturising and has a lovely balmy slick without feeling too heavy or greasy; very comfortable on the lips. It lasts fairly well too and doesn’t fade in patches, the way some lip crayons do.

Dior Jelly Lip Pen Visual

A limited edition piece, it retails at S$37 in Singapore. Also in the collection are, 656 Gaïa (rose pink), 636 Carioca (coral) and 516 Copacabana (rose brown). For more thoughts on these tinted jelly balms, do read Paris B’s in-depth review of them.


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