Covet London Nail Lacquers in Indulge and 8

Covet London Luxury Nail Lacquers in 8 and Indulge

New to the Singapore beauty scene is nail polish brand Covet London.

According to the brand, the lacquers are:

  • Cruelty-free; their ingredients ethically-sourced
  • 5-free*; with no toxic synthetic chemicals
  • Formulated with natural minerals, promising natural shine and complex shimmer from crushed gems
  • Vegan-friendly and hypoallergenic
  • Self-levelling, non-yellowing, fast-drying

Hand-filled in eco-friendly Italian tempered glass, they skim the edge of luxe but based on the press pieces I received, the ultra-thin font logo, together with the faded label, diminishes this. A pity, given their high-end price point. The official visuals look quite different, though – perhaps there is a disparity between the sample bottles and actual selling stock.

Covet London Nail Lacquer Brush

With their custom 398-strand brush, they also promise a superior application experience. However, this isn’t apparent to me – the impressive number of bristles simply do not show upon use; it feels and applies like an ordinary brush. It isn’t exactly lacking or insubstantial – it lays down the product with adequate coverage at first coat – but it isn’t exceptional. I still prefer the Dior wide-tapered brush and the YSL square-tipped one which feel lush at first use and cover the nail surface well.

Do note that my experience with the brush might differ from yours, depending on how we paint our nails (the amount of pressure we apply, the angles that we favour and so on). I’d advise you to try it for yourself before purchasing. Who knows, you might love it. ;)

Covet London Nail Lacquer in Indulge Swatch

Indulgent is a dusky mauve-rose crème. With its soft smokey twist, it’s an uncommon neutral shade that’s slightly more interesting than the usual rose tones. It’s a touch gunky but reaches creamy opacity easily.

Covet London Nail Lacquer in 8 Swatch

For the Chinese, 8 is the traditional number for prosperity because it sounds similar to the Cantonese word for prosper (fatt), while the colour red symbolises good luck. With its blend of sparkling copper and rose-gold shimmer infused in a rich burgundy base, this striking polish embodies happiness and wealth, as well as good fortune. I love how it’s described as ‘a good luck charm on your fingertips’. :) It applies smoothly and evenly, despite the copious shimmer.


They don’t dry in a flash, as the brand will have you believe (30 seconds, they say) but they do dry quickly enough…and don’t chip easily, which is a huge plus point. I appreciate how they last a week and just a little longer on my fingers, which is saying a lot, given the amount of washing I do.

These lacquers are made in France, contrary to what you’d expect from the name of the brand. In Singapore, they retail at S$38 and can be found at Luxola and Escentials. While they do not live up to their promises entirely, they are nice options to consider, if you are looking for safe and long-lasting nail colours that have not been tested on animals. For more thoughts on these varnishes, do read Joey’s review of 3 other shades.

* They do not contain dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and camphor.

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