Dior Bird of Paradise Summer Nail Lacquer Duo for Tips and Toes in 001 Samba

Dior Bird of Paradise Vernis in 001 Samba Visual
Created for Summer 2013, this deep teal and pale jade nail duo – inspired by vibrant tropical hues – calls to mind the blue-green shades of a peacock feather.

Dior Bird of Paradise Dior Vernis in 001 Samba Swatch

The two colours come in a pair and are miniature lacquers – they’re 7 ml each, versus the usual 10 ml. The shimmery teal (794 Samba) is quite the jewel-toned stunner while the crème jade (402 Samba) has a pastel tonal depth that I love. The teal looks like it has a propensity to streak because of its metallic cast – while it isn’t exactly streaky, I can see faint brushstrokes, which a good topcoat helps to obscure.

Opacity is easily achieved with 2 layers for both, although the formula is slightly gunky and applies somewhat less fluidly than a regular Dior Vernis. (Other reviews I’ve read mention their thin consistency; I guess this could be attributed to batch production.) The brush is different too: Instead of the brand’s signature wide and tapered brush, it is thinner, flatter and straight-cut.

In Singapore, this polish pair retails at S$44. For a comprehensive colour comparison of these shades with similar ones from other brands, do visit Kai’s Obsession.


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