Review | Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream and Suqqu Eye Cream R

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream and Suqqu Eye Cream RAfter going through a recent allergic reaction (resulting in rashes, itching and mild swelling), I was hesitant to put anything on my face after it had calmed down. I did need to continue moisturising it, so instead of using the heavy-duty Avène Cold Cream (a thick protective balm that Iris recommended to me last year, to ride out the unpleasantness), I’ve been using Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream, a seemingly rich yet lightweight crème whose formula is quickly absorbed by my face.

It has no adverse effects on my skin and doesn’t promise anything grand, just all-day-long hydration with conditioning algae extract, skin-soothing caffeine and a cushion of humectants. Sure enough, my skin feels smooth and plumped in the mornings, a soft and easy canvas for makeup application. I don’t often put makeup on my skin with overnight skincare still on it but this is pretty good non-clogging stuff: Whenever I use this, I don’t get many – if any – sebum worms (the pale yellow gunk that is extracted from the pores of my nose before they set in and become comedones aka whiteheads/blackheads), which convinces me that it truly is non-comedogenic.

Like the face cream, Suqqu Eye Cream R is a straight-forward moisturising product that works. The brand says it counteracts dryness (definitely), adds resilience (a little, when it’s moisturised) and firms the delicate skin around the eyes (questionable – temporarily, possibly but not permanently, certainly) but beyond those claims, it doesn’t say any more and instead, recommends massage to ‘promote blood circulation and improve the appearance of dark circles, leaving the eye area fresh and clear’.

Again, no bells and whistles – something I appreciate, mired as we are in beauty tech-speak and reams of we-are-chockfull-of-goodness-so-you-must-buy-us spiel. Does it work to smooth my eye area? Yes. Does my skin absorb it well? Yes. Does it moisturise that delicate area? Yes. Will it remove my dark circles, de-puff my eyes dramatically and make me look years younger? No, and it doesn’t claim to do so, either. FYI, its ingredients include yeast extract, yuzu extract, young bamboo extract, Korean ginseng extract, sweet flag extract, and HA (hyaluronic acid) complex…substances whose attributes can be milked for positive worth but aren’t.

Ultimately, it is their fuss-free nature, together with their simple yet effective hydrating properties, that makes this duo a winning pair in my skincare stash. Definitely products I will go back to in the future.

The face cream came in a travel retail set, while the eye cream was either a sample gift or part of a Suqqu coffret I had purchased, so I don’t have their actual prices in Singapore dollars. Online, they are US$55 and £55, respectively. A funny coincidence, eh? ;)


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