Review | Giorgio Armani Beauty Flash Lacquer Crystal Shine Glosses in 524 Pink, 701 Black Pearl and 400 Rouge

Giorgio Armani Beauty Flash Lacquers in 524 Pink, 701 Black Pearl and 400 Rouge Close Up

Here’s a look at three colours from the new Giorgio Armani Beauty Flash Lacquer range which offers a bolder colour spectrum than the brand’s previous natural-neutral gloss selection.

The ‘elastic shine’ formula of this new lip lacquer promises to fill in lip lines and create a smooth lip surface, thanks to shape memory polymers and moisturising oils. I don’t think the formula is as silky-glidy as the Guerlain Maxi Shine but these highly-pigmented glosses last longer and have a stickiness that enhances their staying power.

Giorgio Armani Beauty Flash Lacquers in 524 Pink, 701 Black Pearl and 400 Rouge Swatches

Pink is a soft, smokey mauve that’s more interesting than its plain name suggests but not so purply-grey that it can’t function for everyday wear – that unusual grey undertone, while more obvious in the tube, is pretty subtle on the lips. It offers a kiss of colour that actually works well with simple looks. When layered, that smokiness does intensify a little and I like to pair it with sultry eye looks. A lustrous crème, it hugs the lips perfectly. I particularly love how its gorgeous shine nicely offsets matte looks.

Given its striking hue, it’s hard not to be drawn to Rouge. A crimson with a cherry tone, this lovely red is flattering on cool complexions. Unfortunately, this one does bleed a little (more than the other two colours featured here), so it’s best to use it with a lip pencil or lipstick. It has an almost-laminated finish and its shine will elevate the product(s) it is layered over with, offering a 3-dimensional effect.

The previous two are safe colours but the one that really excites me is Black Pearl, a shimmery grey lip transformer. A steely, almost-metallic blue-grey with multi-coloured microshimmer (blue sparkles being dominant), this shade sang to me when I first saw it – it’s simply perfect in its unique colour realm! You could wear it on its own but though there’s a lavender slant, the grey does show through…unless you have very salmon-toned lips; in which case, you’ll end up with neutral-coloured lips because blue/grey is cancelled out by orange/salmon tones. What it’s excellent for is cooling and smoking up other shades. I love it. ♥


In Singapore, they are available at the Giorgio Armani counter at DFS Galleria and retail at S$43.

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