Jo Malone London Rain in Singapore

Jo Malone London Rain Limited Edition Collection

Inspired by the different moods of London rain, this seemingly-intriguing collection from Jo Malone London has arrived in Singapore.

Jo Malone London Rain Collection Visual

Bottled in attractive flaçons that have a colour-gradient effect, it comprises:

Rain & Angelica: Glassy beads of dew, awakening a London park at dawn. A revitalising scent, enlivened with herbaceous angelica and juicy lime on an earthy base of vetiver. Aqueous and clear.

Wisteria & Violet: A soft morning shower, soaking purple wisteria cascading over London stone walls. Infused with the wet-petal scent of violets and water lily. Rain-washed and intoxicating.

White Jasmine & Mint (permanent): An afternoon cloudburst, drenching gardens exuberant with jasmine, orange flower and rose. Eccentric with its dash of scrambling wild mint. Enchanting and refreshing.

Black Cedarwood & Juniper: Midnight rain. Seductive with the carnal touch of cumin and chilli leaves. Dark with cedarwood. Humid with moss. Modern and urban.

Whilst pleasant enough, the quartet didn’t leave a lasting impression on me. Perhaps it’s because I don’t have a fragrance memory of the English capital, much less a rain-scented one!

As I replied to friends who’d asked me about them after the press preview: They are clean, sweet, light and deep (each description corresponding to the individual scent in the order above). Save for the last one, this ‘scented portrait of London’ is prettier than what I’d thought it would be.

Jo Malone London Rain Rain & Angelica Cologne

Of the four, Rain & Angelica stands out the most for me. Thanks to its interesting blend of fresh and warm tones, it has an unusual complexity. It might start off clean but its vetiver base anchors it, giving it a roundedness that I didn’t expect from such an opening. The angelica is almost medicinal-smelling but it changes into something much like a sweet-salty sour plum on me, reminiscent of a similar note in Tokyo Milk Kabuki No. 9. I might review it fully, when I find the time.

Don’t be mistaken, there’s nothing wrong with them (the brand is practically synonymous with successful single-note colognes, after all) but I’d expected more; something that reminds me of the smell of rain-kissed soil which rises during a downpour and the scent of crisp wind-swept showers. I suppose what I desire is a fragrance that captures the essence of tropical rains…then again, this collection isn’t named Singapore Rain. ;)

Speaking of which – Kiehl’s Forest Rain, a warm concoction of citrus and woody notes, is a strong olfactory allusion to tropical climes. I love it but sadly – as with all great things – this has been discontinued.

Jo Malone London Rain Collection - Black Cedarwood & Juniper, Rain & Angelica, Wisteria & Violet, White Jasmine & Mint

Unfortunately for us, these limited edition colognes (available only in 100ml bottles that used to retail at S$194) are now S$204, a whopping increase of S$10. Seeing as how Dior has also upped the prices of its scents, I reckon this might be a global trend. Altogether, now: Sigh.


  • lyn says:

    I just tested these last weekend and was surprised that I liked Rain & Angelica the most. I don’t usually go for blue/aqua scents but this one has enough warmth and makes it well rounded as opposed to a sharp tang that I usually associate with aqua. I’m still not sure about getting it though.

  • Jacqueline says:

    I bough the Wisteria and Violet and I’m loving it.

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