Review | Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color Sheer Lipsticks in 02 Pink Dune, 03 Bittersweet and 06 Incorrigible

Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer in 02 Pink Dune, 03 Bittersweet and 06 Incorrigible
Satiny-smooth with sensuous sheen, the new Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer is this season’s “I need!” product.

In texture and in colour payoff, it’s perched between Tom Ford Lip Color (creamy and dense) and Tom Ford Lip Color Shine (lustrous and semi-translucent). Contrary to its name, its buildable nature actually offers almost-opaque coverage.

Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer in 02 Pink Dune, 03 Bittersweet and 06 Incorrigible Swatches

Here are my thoughts on the three press pieces I’ve been wearing:

02 Pink Dune – A bronzey peach, it has a glossy sheen that sets off its multi-coloured shimmer for a 3-dimensional effect. It’s my least favourite of the three, despite its prismatic quality; it’s too warm for my taste. It is perfect for sun-kissed skin, though. The sheerest of the three, it has a semi-translucence that’s enhanced by the shine.

03 Bittersweet – A chocolate with plum hints, it has subtle multi-coloured shimmer. It glimmers a little but has a more satin finish than the rest. My favourite of the three, the chic brown tone and depth are reminiscent of MAC Hyper, my first MAC lippy and plum-brown. It’s less grey than the latter and works well with my skin tone.

06 Incorrigible – A watermelon pink at first glance, it goes on like a fuchsia that veers on raspberry. It has striking multi-coloured shimmer that glistens in the light, giving it a reflective appearance. A visage-brightening pink, it’s my second favourite…I’m just not sure about the sparkles; they are too copious for my liking. Of the three, this one is the most pigmented and while not entirely indelible, leaves a gorgeous stain that can only be properly removed with a cleanser.

I know the swatches look a smidge different from my description but the photo was taken in direct sunlight which emphasises the shimmer and gives them a slightly warmer cast.

Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer Lipsticks in 02 Pink Dune, 03 Bittersweet and 06 Incorrigible

Made in Italy, they are formulated with shea butter and Vitamins C and E, and are infused with the brand’s signature vanilla fragrance (a fuller version of MAC’s vanilla whiff). All three last well from 4 to 6 hours – another surprising feature, given the name of the range.

Tom Ford Beauty Limited Edition Lip Color Sheer Range

When I first learnt about this new formula, I wasn’t drawn to it because it was mostly composed of crowd-friendly warm peachy/coral hues – I was tired of summery shades. The vivid pink did change my mind a little, its sparkle-blitz be damned. ;)

Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer Stacked

I’d pounce on more, if the brand ever expands the range to include plum, cherry and greyed-beige shades (my loves!). Not only do I enjoy the smooth comfort and pigmentation of these lipsticks, I also like the new packaging. With the same heft and bevelled cap that characterise Tom Ford lipsticks, they are dressed in ivory and gold, imbuing them with retro-chic elegance.

In Singapore, these limited edition lipsticks retail at S$70.

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