Hakuhodo Hello Kitty Brushes and Hakuhodo Eyebrow Palette at Takashimaya

Hello Kitty x Hakuhodo 2014 Brush Set

I came upon some Hakuhodo surprises when I was at Takashimaya recently.

Besides the permanent retail space that the brand has set up at the Cosmetics Department on Level 1, they apparently also hold periodic fairs here to showcase limited edition products.

This year, they’ve brought in a Hello Kitty brush set (S$235) that comes with its own embossed pouch. I’m guessing this is a 2014 exclusive as 2015’s collaboration looks different.

Hello Kitty x Hakuhodo 2015

Here’s this year’s Hello Kitty set.

Hakuhodo Hello Kitty Maple Kinoko Brushes

Also available are two Hello Kitty Maple Kinoko brushes hand-painted by a famous Japanese artist. Brace yourself – they’re an incredulous S$2508. For one or two, I don’t know; either way, the price is staggering!

Hakuhodo Kokutan Portable Mini Brush Set

In addition, I spotted the Kokutan Portable Mini Brush Set (S$520). I love the Kokutan Series, so I’m grateful I’m not one for minis – the cost is exorbitant for these wee things. Despite that, I was told that they only had one set left when I was there last Friday.

Hakuhodo Kokutan Series at Takashimaya Singapore

Here are the full-sized Kokutan brushes, available at the permanent retail space. I love their weighted luxe feel and have plans for more in my brush stash. :)

Hakuhodo S100 Black Series at Takashimaya Singapore

Here’s the S100 Black Series whose gold ferrules remind me of Tom Ford brushes.

Hakuhodo Eyebrow Palette at Takashimaya Singapore

The Hakuhodo Eyebrow Palette (S$52) caught my eye too: Its array of 6 brow-sculpting colours might look dull at first glance but seems apt for creating natural-looking eyebrows with dimension.

Hakuhodo Eyebrow Palette Swatches

I was told that they could be used as eyeshadows but the texture is coarser than your average Japanese eyeshadow. That said, I’ve found some brow powders to be similar. I can’t help thinking of it over the past few days…I believe another trip to the counter is necessary! ;)

Hakuhodo at Takashimaya Level 1 Poster

It was a joy to find out that Hakuhodo now has a permanent presence in Singapore. A wise choice by the brand to remain put here, given the roaring sales they received when they visited our island several times during 2014. That said, I noted with dismay that the prices have increased a lot since they were here last year.

Hakuhodo is located near the Dior beauty counter. This month’s fair, which will end on 21 January 2015, is closer to Bobbi Brown and Lancôme.

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