Saying Goodbye to Apivita and Welcoming the First Fresh Beauty Boutique in Singapore 

Apivita Natural Candle in Orange, Cedarwood and Clove

Sadly, Apivita has left Singapore. Unable to stay afloat in our less-than-vibrant beauty market, their situation was worsened by high rental fees at ION Orchard.

 I love their rich history which displays a strong affinity to nature, underpinning their creation of bee-centric and herb-based products formulated with plant infusions instead of water.

Despite having a knowledge-savvy team and a clutch of loyal customers who consistently patronised the store, they were unable to survive the harsh business conditions and were forced to wind up here.

For now, the nearest Apivita to us is in Hong Kong. Goodbye, dear Apivita…I hope to see you back in Singapore someday.

Fresh Beauty Artisans at Work Fresh Boutique at ION Orchard

This exit also marks the debut of the first Fresh Beauty standalone store in Singapore: Located at ION Orchard B3-45/46/47, it takes over the two units vacated by Apivita, as well as the unit that was formerly the Biotherm Homme boutique. This massive Fresh space is slated to open in February 2015. A 3-unit beauty boutique is a pretty ambitious venture but I suppose anything’s possible when you belong to LVMH!

I’m quite excited about them opening a store here – I hope this means they’re bringing in their luxury scented candles which are not available at Sephora Singapore where the brand is currently carried.


  • stella says:

    this is sad; i haven’t found a reason to patronize apivita till recently when i wanted to get some honey and was disappointed to be told they were sold out — now i know why!

    i did buy some stuff from their shop in Hong Kong and love the products. wish apivita had the option to move somewhere with cheaper rental in Singapore instead

    the retail scene in singapore is definitely stagnating — nothing really excites much; same ole brands and shops at most places *yawn*

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Stella,

      From what I was told, they’d explored several avenues but chose to wind down. I do hope they make their way back here, as several brands have done.

      It’s strange…for such a tiny country, we have more of the same brands opening everywhere. I believe they cater to overseas visitors too, hence the bravado to open so many stores/counters (MAC is everywhere, as is Sephora!).

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