Shiseido Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

Shiseido AW2015 Collection

This year, Shiseido Singapore has introduced a collection of subdued colours—livened by a shot of vibrancy—for Fall/Winter 2015.

I was charmed by the muted palette and loved the autumnal tones at first sight. So apt for the season they represent, these wearable hues are chicly understated and perfect for adding a hint of sophistication to an everyday makeup look.

Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color in Garnet VI730, Kitsune BR731, Ochre BR329, Clay BE728 and Binchotan GR732 Swatches

In the collection are:

  • Shimmering Cream Eye Color in Garnet VI730Garnet is a cool brownish violet that harmonisies with the skin to create a wearable jewel-toned effect around the eyes.
  • Shimmering Cream Eye Color in Kitsune BR731Kitsune evokes the luxurious reddish brown shades of a fox’s coat. Lush and deep.
  • Shimmering Cream Eye Color in Ochre BR329Ochre is a rich yellowish brown, adding depth and definition on cool skin tones and harmonious shading on warmer skins.
  • Shimmering Cream Eye Color in Clay BE728Clay is a surprisingly delicate warm grey. A wash or chic monochrome definition for the eyes.
  • Shimmering Cream Eye Color in Binchotan GR732Binchotan provides deep greyish definition with a hazy green aspect. A new kind of smoke for creating smoky eyes.

Shiseido Autumn Winter 2015 Collection

I love the texture of the SCEC range: Silky and slick, they go on easily. I like them on their own and as crease-proof bases for other eyeshadows. They layer beautifully without caking up too.

Shiseido Veiled Rouge in Honeydew OR313, Caprice PK314, Enchantment RD315 and Zinnia RD316 Swatches

  • Veiled Rouge in Honeydew OR313Honeydew is a light and translucent orange shade, sheer and sweet.
  • Veiled Rouge in Caprice PK314Caprice is a lovely, fresh coral pink. A fun, bright shade to enhance any makeup.
  • Veiled Rouge in Enchantment RD315Enchantment is a fine soft red shot through with delicate gold pearls. A subtle, wearable red shade.
  • Veiled Rouge in Zinnia RD316Zinnia is a sharp pinkish red rendering discreet and chic by its lightness and transparency.

This range will appeal to ladies who like delicate, sheen-y colour. It’s not my favourite range as I prefer pigmented lipsticks (see below) but these dewy choices are pretty and easy-to-wear.

Shiseido Perfect Rouge in Empress RS656, Spellbound RD555, Cocoa Rose PK354 and Black Walnut BR757 Swatches

  • Perfect Rouge in Empress RS656Empress is a grand and dramatic plum colour, deep and complex.
  • Perfect Rouge in Spellbound RD555Spellbound is a deep, brownish red. It’s a romantic, glamorous and mysterious shade.
  • Perfect Rouge in Cocoa Rose PK354Cocoa Rose is a warm brown-toned beige, elegant and easy to wear.
  • Perfect Rouge in Black Walnut BR757Black Walnut is a luscious rich, deep brown. It’s a good neutral shade, versatile and flattering.

A favourite range of mine since Shiseido introduced it years back, I frequently recommend Perfect Rouge to friends who want full colour and moisture. Their richness is a visual and tactile delight.

From this collection, Empress stole my heart: As impressive as its namesake, I love the depth of this striking plum.

Shiseido Autumn Winter 2015 Full Lash Volume Mascara, Full Lash Serum, Shimmering Cream Eye Color, Veiled Rouge and Perfect Rouge

Acoompanying the colour collection are two lash products:

  • Shiseido Full Lash Volume Mascara

With a radial ‘Full Expansion Brush’, it maximises mascara application and lash separation.

  • Shiseido Full Lash Serum

Formulated with Ziziphus jujuba fruit (Chinese red date) extract and arginine (a restorative amino acid), it promises to repair and nourish lashes. Its flocked-tip applicator deposits the serum evenly between lashes.

I love the Shiseido Nourishing Mascara Base (it really lifts my lashes and prolongs a curl), so I’m looking forward to trying this lash pair.

In Singapore, this collection is already out at the counters and will likely be part of the permanent line-up.

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