Sephora Singapore Rollerball Boutique

Sephora Singapore Scent Rollerball Boutique
New to Sephora Singapore is an extensive range of rollerball perfumes.

The Rollerball Boutique includes a pink Travalo x Swarovski vial for your favourite fragrance, as well as popular perfumes from designer brands like Burberry, Chloe and Prada and well-loved scents from Fresh and Clean. (Click on the photo above for prices.)

Fresh, Clean and Little Red Love Rollerball Fragrances from Sephora Singapore
Also available is Little Red Love, a limited-edition SG50 perfume inspired by the Vanda Miss Joaquim orchid. A collaboration between Sephora Singapore and MyScentDesign, it carries cashmere wood, citrus, mint, osmanthus, plum blossom, sandalwood, tea notes and an unusual fluffy rice accord.

In sexy glass tubes, these travel-friendly flaçons are affordably-priced and a nifty way to scent-sample. :)

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