Review | Chanel Beauty Holiday 2020 Les Châines d’Or de Chanel

An opulent ode to the chic leather-threaded chains of Chanel, Les Châines d’Or de Chanel is a Christmas collection of gleaming golds and contrasting accents.

Inspired by this signature accessory, Lucia Pica celebrates the braided chains by infusing the colours with sparkle and shine.

The lustrous links are further lauded with their likeness embossed on the pressed powders.

Below are my picks from the collection:

Les Châines de Chanel Illuminating Blush Powder (S$103)

An unusual but welcome offering for the holiday, this is a complexion-warming luminous rose-copper blush. Chanel has included illuminating powders in iterations of champagne, gold and pink in many of their Christmas collections over the past decade; this new hue feels modern, made more so by the embossed chain motif.

Like several of the house’s holiday highlighters in recent years, this exclusive creation has a silky texture and a radiant finish. It’s pigmented—I need only a little for a healthy flush—but diffuses easily. According to Lucia Pica, it has a natural “translucent rosy effect on the cheeks” which is an apt description of this product. Although it runs warm, it takes on a slightly more neutral tone on my skin when blended out.

Stronger layers bring out its warmth, and though I don’t use it this way, I can see how it would work as a bronzer. It’s not quite a highlighter but can be used to brighten other blushes with a light touch of my brush. It imparts a satiny glow, thanks to the gold shimmer dispersed throughout the pan.

Soft enough to be blended on the skin without skipping, it does not kick up any pigment—preserving the print on the palette at the same time.

Ombre Première Longwear Powder Eyeshadow in Nº 925 Or Antique, Nº 926 Or Blanc
and Nº 928 Cuir Brun (S$55)

The eyeshadow singles bear the same chain motif as the blush.

Lucia’s advice: “Create contrasting effects or tone-on-tone harmonies by combining them. Use the dark shade to define the eyes and deepen the eyelid crease and the lighter shades to enhance them.”

Cuir Brun (Brown Leather) is a deep brown with a hint of gold and khaki. I love it over the chocolatey Chanel Stylo Ombre et Contour Eyeshadow Liner Khôl in Nº 34 Contour Brun, where it takes on a cooler tone while giving off a subtle golden gleam as I blend it out. Its buttery texture allows me to easily create either an intense or a soft smokey eye.

Or Antique (Antique Gold) isn’t as muted as a true antique gold, and doesn’t carry muddy/mustard hints like many versions of this colour. Instead, it sits on the brighter spectrum of this subdued hue, bearing a golden-yellow tone that shows up prettily in stronger lighting. It reminds me of the beloved MAC Gorgeous Gold Eye Shadow, only more shimmery and sans the green flash.

Or Blanc (White Gold) looks like a warm pale pewter in the pan but on my skin, it is a white gold with a platinum cast—it appears almost silvery under certain lighting. Blended out, it has a translucent iridescent finish that reveals rainbow micro-shimmer, and a mix of fine gold and silver sparkles.

I loved this eyeshadow at first look and had to purchase it. I’m glad I did: It is versatile, pairing well with both warm and cool colours. On its own over my monolids, it opens up my eyes.

Above is a comparison of Cuir Brun with the bronze khaki/olive brown from last year’s Lumière et Opulence eyeshadow palette.

All three are creamy and have a rich silky touch, going onto the skin with an even glide. Delightfully smooth and blendable, these shimmery shadows do not crease or fade easily too, lasting more than several hours on my eyes over an eyeshadow base.

I like them over Le Chanel Correcteur de Chanel Longwear Concealer—not only does this concealer brighten and even out my undereye area, it holds the shadows well.

If you would like just one item from this collection, go for these eyeshadows. You will not be disappointed. :)

Rouge Allure Intense Luminous Lip Colour in Nº 137 Pourpre d’Or (S$56)

I love my berries, and the chic Rouge Allure click-case, so it’s no surprise that I would purchase this. It might seem like a predictable plum at first glance, but this lip colour carries reflective raspberry flecks that lift its deep tone—it becomes both brighter and shinier with subsequent coats.

Like last year’s Christmas Rouge Allure lipsticks, the glossy black tube features a gilded edge.

With a satin texture as well, it looks very similar to last year’s Rouge Noble but has a slightly pinker cast. While the earlier lip colour deepens when layered, this year’s plum becomes more luminous.

Like the rest of the Rouge Allure range, it can be dabbed on softly or layered comfortably on the lips. There’s minimal transferring when worn under my face masks, though it does happen at times.

Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour in Nº 773 Chaîne d’Or (S$41)

A fitting finish to this Christmas collection, this nail varnish is an antique gold shot through with warm rosy sparkles. Somewhat muted in the bottle, it is markedly sparkly in the sun. Dense with shimmer, this luxe lacquer also gives a metallic appearance.

The formula is undoubtedly richly pigmented but there’s a drawback to this: The polish can bubble and streak, so you’ll need patience and careful application for a smooth coat.

On the upside, it lives up to its longwearing label—my manicure lasted me a good 4 days, sans a topcoat.

Already available at all Chanel counters and boutiques across the island, this limited edition collection comes with gifting options that are also inspired by Les Châines.

The Christmas bauble with a Christmas cookie was a surprise from my visit to the newly opened Chanel Beauty flagship boutique at ION Orchard.

Merry Christmas!

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