Pupa Spring 2009 Plastic Shine aka Bonanza of Baked Beauties!

Pupa has done it again – it has unleashed more baked beauties this spring, giving us lovelies such as these:

and this:

A quick click on the Italian version of the site reveals not one but TWO gorgeous baked blushes (oh, how I tremble to see such loveliness!):

According to the site, the Plastic Shine collection is:

An explosion of vibrant and vinylic colours with a plastic payoff. Bright colours for plastic lips, extreme colours for glamorous eyes, a natural look for the face, with touches of pink on the cheeks. A doll look, for a bright, chic and elegant spring.

The ‘vinylic’ finish most likely refers to the liquid lipsticks:

the eyeliners:

and the nailpolishes:

The shadows and blushes are from the Luminys range, which means they will be pigmented and thus, stellar in colour payoff.

Here are photos of a Plastic Shine display, as well as close-ups of the products, from profumeria_shop@eBay:

candy bright, heart’s delight

baked blush, fake flush

eye sigh…

I haven’t worn brights in a while but the cheery colours certainly make me want to. These pictures make me desire them all. *She says this with a huge grin…and slightly unabashedly!*

Just look at the beautiful promo picture:

For bigger photos, have a look here and here.


  • Katie says:

    I love the presentation of these goodies! So colorful and pop artsy! I’m very into brights lately! Pupa is a great brand-I’m actually wearing the mineral blush (another CP from you!!) right now! Love it! Cant’ remember the color off hand but it is a natural pink swirled with silvery shimmer and bronze shimmer! Lovely!

  • makeupmag says:

    Hi Katiekins,

    Gorgeous, no? And cruelty-free too, being produced in an EU country. :) I’m tickled that you were wearing that Pupa blush when you wrote that!

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