Review | KMS California Flatout Haircare

Distributed by KPSS, the same company that brings in Goldwell, the KMS California Flatout range promises to smooth hair and make it tangle-free.

I received three press samples from the range and have been testing them out the past two weeks. Below are my thoughts on them:

  • KMS California Flatout Shampoo (S$30)

I like this on my thermally-reconditioned (rebonded)/chemically-treated hair. It makes my hair feel smooth, unlike the Tresemmé one I’d been using before – even though the latter is in a moisture-rich formula, my fingers would snag in my hair; I cannot run them through my hair without them catching in bunches of strands. On the other hand, my fingers run through my hair effortlessly when I use the KMS shampoo.

Its richness is evident in the fact that I can use it alone on some days – sans conditioner – and my hair still feels tangle-free.

  • KMS California Flatout Conditioner (S$34)

This rich conditioner more than adequately detangles when paired with an ordinary shampoo. It makes my hair feel silky and comfortable, without a heavy silicone overlay. When used with the KMS Flatout shampoo, it enhances my hair’s smoothness without weighing it down.

  • KMS California Flatout Straightening Creme (S$47)

I use this on my hair when it’s still damp. I was warned by my friend Farah that it can make the hair feel greasy, so all I use is a tiny dollop on my hair ends. I like how it seals in moisture and further softens my hair. I only use this when I know I will be sleeping in an air-conditioned room, though, as I’m leery of its richness.

I haven’t tried this with a hair dryer or a straightening iron but the instructions indicate that it can be paired with these tools. I assume that it can be used for taming strays too but I use my Oshima Tsubaki Camellia Hair Care Oil for this purpose.

The shampoo, conditioner and straightening cream ingredient lists

As with many salon brands, there is the presence of silicones and natural oils to condition and pamper the hair. Bearing the richness of this range in mind, I try to be prudent with regard to the amount of product that I use.

During this recent spate of hot and clammy days, the shampoo+conditioner combination more than suffices in keeping my hair smooth and sleek. I try not to use this combo on consecutive days to prevent my hair from feeling heavy or over-moisturised. To their credit, though, using all three products at once has yet to make my hair feel greasy, despite me going almost 24 hours without washing my hair after having used them, on certain days. My fringe can look a tad floppy and flat after some time but I wonder if this isn’t because of my face moisturiser rather than the haircare, plus I don’t use the cream on my bangs.

You might have noticed colour pigments on the ingredient lists. That’s because the cream in each bottle is tinted a purple similar to that of the packaging! It’s an unusual colour but it doesn’t interfere with the product performance (or enhance hair colour) at all.

Here’s the back view of my hair, after I’d used all three products on it. :)

ETA: Unfortunately, the range doesn’t work well on my post-partum hair – surprisingly, it isn’t moisturising enough and the crème strangely clumps up my hair. With this observation, it’s safe to say that this is great for people with normal hair but drier tresses will need something more nourishing/moisturising. (The Pantene Clinicare Frizz Defence poo and dish duo works like a charm!)

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