NOTD | A-England The Legend in Saint George

Here’s Saint George, a deep teal nail varnish from the A-England Legend collection, which I’d purchased some time back.

It seems multi-dimensional in many online photos and I’ll concede that under strong artificial lighting or bright sunlight, it does look like a complex scattered holo polish but it really is just a shimmery dark teal, for the most part. Still, I’d reach for it any time, thanks to its teal hue and depth of tone.

At only £9 + free international shipping from the brand’s UK-based website, this is an affordable buy. The customer service is stellar too: I’d recently ordered two of their polishes as gifts for friends and one for myself but the former didn’t arrive. Instead, I was sent a different colour. In the end, they told me to keep the one that was sent in error and promptly sent the ones that I’d ordered. Now that’s great customer service!


  • plue says:

    I ordered during their 30% sale, a month ago but no news till now :( But they reply their mails quite promptly so yeah I do agree their CS is quite good :)

    i have St George too and it’s a lovely colour! Don’t think there’s any close dupe for this, right?

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Plue,

      Maybe they’ve so many orders that it’s taking them a while to ship? Hope you receive your order soon! :)

      And nope, I haven’t seen anything close to St. George! ;)

  • I bought 4 during their sale and love them!! I’ve reviewed Princess Sabra already. I’m wearing the red one I bought right now. Next I’ll wear Princess Tears. The quality of A England is outstanding. One of the best brushes and an amazing formula.

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Marcia,

      I bought quite a few of them (Legends & Mythicals) and love their colours. :) Perceval is amazing – I haven’t tried it yet but look forward to using it. I do wish the holo effects on some of them were more obvious, though; I do feel misled by some nail blog pics!

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