Essence Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Nail Collection in Singapore

Here’s the Essence Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs nail collection now available in Singapore.

The polish hues sort of represent the characters in that famous Disney animation…I say ‘sort of’ because I don’t agree with some of the colour choices – why is Bashful green and Grumpy grey, for instance? I would’ve pegged Bashful as a dusty nude and Grumpy a cloudy grey. ;) Then again, ymmv.

The Special Effect Toppers look like glitter-confetti, while the stickers are adorable and the nail file quite tongue-in-cheek (the Evil Queen side is ‘Shorten’ and the Snow White side is ‘Shape’).

Essence Singapore sent me a clutch of polishes from the collection to try and I recently swatched Snow White (a scarlet crème) and Prince Charming (blue and silver glitter).

I was surprised by Snow White’s tone – I’d expected a deep ruby, the way her lips are sometimes described, but I suppose it’s an appropriate apple red. (I still think that Chanel Vernis in Malice is the perfect red for the poisonous apple, thanks to its underlying rust tones.)

Performance-wise, I liked how the brush allowed me to easily paint the colour on and how the polish dried relatively quickly. The liquid is fairly consistent but isn’t very creamy.

Prince Charming is more flamboyant than Snow White, which surprised me (maybe he was a metro-sexual kind of guy? :P). I applied it over Snow White at first – bad call blah. Then I applied it over OPI I Don’t Give A Rotterdam! and though it isn’t as pretty or as striking as it is in the bottle, the sparse glitter bits can lift a plain nail look a little.

The texture isn’t gritty or gunky as some glitter polishes are wont to be but I do wish the glitter were more apparent and denser. I haven’t tried this over a deeper base; perhaps it’d work better that way.


Here are the prices of the collection:

  • Essence Snow White Nail Polish (S$3.90/7 ml)
  • Essence Special Effect Topper in Evil Queen, Huntsman, Prince Charming (S$4.30/7ml)
  • Essence Nail Polish in Grumpy, Doc, Happy, Sneezy, Sleepy, Bashful, Dopey (S$3.50/5 ml)
  • Essence Snow White Nail Stickers (S$2.80)
  • Essence Snow White Nail File (S$2.80)

Ultra-affordable, considering that the polishes are all made in Europe (more specifically, Luxembourg).

In Singapore, Essence is available at Watsons stores located at: Takashimaya Shopping Centre/Ngee Ann City, Lucky Plaza, Plaza Singapura (Level 4, new extension), Sun Plaza, Parkway Parade, IMM, Lot 1, Anchor Point, Rivervale Mall, Park Lane, Bedok Central, Beautyworld Centre and SMU.

Unfortunately, the much-anticipated Breaking Dawn collection will not be making its way here but do look out for the upcoming makeup launches from the brand.


  • Sara says:

    Haha! I love that Prince Charming being more flamboyant than Snow White mention and indeed, I would have expected a… darker tone for that or something. Maybe they were trying to match his pretty-boy looks X)

    • makeupmag says:

      Hey Sara,

      Ya! Reminds of those androgynous K-drama/K-Pop stars. And yep, you have to catch Full House Take 2! Ooh, you know what, if I recall correctly, Prince Charming wears blue in the cartoon, so maybe that’s why (plus the sparkle of his teeth, hahahaha!).

  • Ris says:

    Oh they look gorgeous! I want to try the polishes in this collection for sure :)
    I’m quite sad that the Breaking Dawn collection isn’t going to be available in Singapore… I’m a HUGE fan!

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Ris,

      They’re so affordable that we can easily purchase (almost?) the entire collection! It’s a pity Breaking Dawn isn’t coming in; I know many people are looking forward to that collection.

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