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Dior Nail Glow Instant French Manicure Effect Whitening Nail Care

Designed to enhance the colour of natural nails, Dior Nail Glow offers a cool pink tinge to my nails, giving them a healthy flush of colour.

Dior Nail Glow Swatch

With just one coat, the effect is subtle yet visible (see the photo above). However, contrary to the brand’s promise that it will whiten the nails, it doesn’t do that on first application, though it softly brightens and evens out the colour of my sorry tips. I’m not sure if the whitening is meant to happen with continued usage but I’ve not put this to the test as I like to apply other colours over this after a while and don’t wear it long enough on its own to pursue this.

When layered, it intensifies the colour of the nail bed and can certainly pass for a pink jelly polish, if you have a naturally-flushed nail bed.

It’s a nifty product to own – with just one coat, it evens out my nail surface in an instant and my nails look groomed and healthier. The best part? Thanks to its translucence, accidentally painting over/outside of the cuticles is not an issue; it’s perfect for when I’m pressed for time and have precious few minutes to rectify application mistakes. It dries to a glossy finish (more sheen than laminated shine) pretty quickly too, which is a plus.

A caveat: While it’s tempting to assume it will ameliorate the dull and yellowed appearance of polish-burdened nails, it is not a fix-it for this. In fact, it will exacerbate the yellowness and impart a strange translucent ruddy depth that is anything but healthy-looking. So if your nails are yellowed from one too many manicures, be sure to buff your nail surface before using this. You will get optimum results – aka the natural glow and radiance that the brand promises – this way.

The same size as regular Dior Vernis, this lacquer retails at S$37.


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