Review | Chanel Hydra Beauty Essence Mist

Chanel Hydra Beauty Essence Mist

The most moisturising mist I’ve ever tried, this product almost passes for a serum on my skin.

The formula includes hyaluronic acid, blue ginger (an antioxidant) and camellia alba (a moisturiser), as well as Vitamins C and E. Interestingly, the blue ginger and camellia are in Polyfractioned Active (PFA) form, powerful and concentrated active ingredients derived from an exclusive Chanel purification technique.

As with most mists, I use this to set makeup, freshen up a tired visage and prep my face for skincare application. It doesn’t have the density of Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Sérum but as an ‘essence mist’, it has moistening prowess and a substantial feel. That said, the spray cloud is delicate enough not to interfere with/cake-up makeup but offer a comfortable hydrating veil, perfect for soothing parched skin.

Like many facial mists, it also re-activates light moisturisers and sleeping masks effectively.

It’s pleasant-smelling—it carries a refreshing version of the softly-sweet floral scent of the Hydra Beauty range—but might be a touch much for fragrance-phobes at first spritz. It dissipates quickly, though.

At S$112 (48 g/1.7 oz), this is sheer indulgence but if you have the cash to spare, this is not only a cooling treat for your face but also acts as a soothing agent for other parts of your body, especially if you happen to be in the sun or arid areas for prolonged periods of time.

Whilst the lightweight canister enhances its portability, I can’t help but think that a glass bottle (frosted, perhaps?) would better reflect its high-end pricing. Do note that the nozzle might be a touch wonky: The first one I received as a gift from the brand emitted droplets at an odd angle but my subsequent bottle dispensed a fine mist that landed nicely on my skin.

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