Review | Decorté Sun Shelter Water Resistant Sunscreen, Decorté Sun Shelter Tone Up CC UV Primer in 02 and Decorté Face Powder in 12 Lucent Beige

This year, Decorté has introduced two new sun care products: a sunscreen and a primer. They don’t necessarily have to be used with base makeup—if you like a semi-sheer finish, they can be paired with just each other; the primer over the sunscreen.

I’ve been using them together to quickly even out my skintone, setting the thin layers with a loose powder that is also from the same luxury beauty brand.

I’ve purchased and enjoyed Decorté products over the years, thanks to their refined simplicity. They address skincare and makeup needs with clarity but offer a sophisticated touch by way of tactile comfort and delicate finishes.

Previously known as Cosme Decorté, Decorté is a member of the Kosé family. Positioned as a premium brand, it uses both natural and synthetic ingredients in a responsible and transparent manner. The extensive FAQ section on its website is a mark of the brand’s commitment to beauty consumers.

Decorté Sun Shelter Water Resistant Sunscreen (SPF50+/PA++++) is a physical sunscreen with zinc oxide. As a physical sunscreen, it blocks ultraviolet rays, unlike a chemical sunscreen that would absorb these rays and convert them into heat to be released.

Among other ingredients, the formula also contains:

• tocopherol (Vitamin E) and ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate (a Vitamin C derivative), which have individual skin-loving properties and work in tandem to provide photo-protection

• soluble collagen, which is great for hydration and moisture retention as well as the prevention of trans-epidermal water loss

propylene glycol dicaprylate, a skin-conditioning ingredient that lends the sunscreen emollience

The sunscreen has the pleasant consistency of a lightweight gel-crème. I like how it does not dry up too quickly, giving me time to carefully spread it around my face. Once it dries down, it leaves a subtle radiance. It made me wonder at first if the sunscreen was somewhat dewy and prone to smearing after all, but the water-resistant formulation holds up fairly well against perspiration and does not transfer easily—an important feature for mask-wearing.

I also like that it feels comfortably substantial, unlike more-watery versions from other Japanese brands that whilst very light in texture, sometimes make me wonder if I have applied enough.

Formulated with rosemary leaf extract, the sunscreen carries an antioxidant effect. Additionally, the protective anti-pollution shield not only obstructs sun rays, it also promises to alleviate environmental stress by blocking micro-particles from the skin.

The sunscreen neither leaves a white cast in person nor creates a flashback in photos. I also like how it does not pill when I pair it with the primer.

All these attributes, together with its approachable price point, make this a must for repurchase.

Note: This product carries a floral fragrance laced with a whiff that’s distinctively sunscreen. However, it dissipates after a while.

Decorté Sun Shelter Tone Up CC UV Primer in 02 (SPF50+/PA++++) is a tinted foundation base with anti-UV properties. My skin generally needs more coverage these days, but I do use it on its own on good-skin days and on occasions when I don’t want something too heavy.

The beige-toned hue quickly evens out my skintone (I’m usually between 20 and 30 on the Japanese foundation spectrum), the velvet-matte finish subtly softening the appearance of facial lines. It minimises the appearance of my pores but does not conceal darker/larger blemishes.

As a base, it pairs nicely with a powder or liquid foundation for smooth coverage. Like the Sun Shelter sunscreen, it is formulated with rosemary leaf extract. It also contains moisturising glycerin.

As I mentioned earlier, there is no pilling when the primer is applied on top of the sunscreen. Pilling is a problem I’ve faced with some product pairings, so it was good to discover that the formula of these two Decorté products are complementary, allowing the primer to glide easily over/blend into the suncreen.

Note: Whilst it’s tempting to use the primer in place of the sunscreen, it is always advisable to apply a separate—dedicated—suncare product for optimum UV coverage.

Like the sunscreen, the primer carries a floral fragrance that goes away with time.

Above are swatches of the sunscreen and the primer.

The fuss-free packaging of the suncare products—a detraction from Decorté’s usual luxe-looking tubes—indicates a certain casualness, and perhaps in line with that, a price tag to reflect this: Surprisingly wallet-friendly, the sunscreen and primer (35 g) each retails at S$40. A 60 g version of the sunscreen is available at S$58.

Made with certified organic silk, this super-soft powder bears the hallmark of Japanese beauty finesse: an ultra-fine texture which imparts an incredible smoothness upon application. Blended into the formula are healing and hydrating jasmine and damask rose extracts as well as moisture-restoring hydrogenated lecithin.

Silky without leaving a sheen, this translucent powder blends seamlessly with any base product that I use, to give an immediate blurring effect. It serves me best on my under-eye area, where it discernibly softens my age lines. It’s so finely-milled that it reminds me of icing sugar, minus the opacity and pale cast. I haven’t included a swatch photo here as it disappears into my skin. :)

The loose powder (20 g) comes in six hues, and retails at $70.

In Singapore, Decorté can be found at several locations across the island including a boutique located at B2-47, ION Orchard (opposite the Sulwhasoo store). The brand is also conveniently available online: it is now carried on the e-shopping sites of department stores Metro and Isetan.

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