New Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême Intense Matte Lip Colours

Modern mattes with concentrated colour, the new Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême Intense Matte Lip Colours promise plush pigments for longwearing lip looks.

The matte mien of the classic click-case reflects the formula; the understated sheath sophisticated in its subtlety.

The full-black matte cap, as well as the polished black barrel that the retractable bullet rests in, marks the first time Chanel is introducing this edgy packaging to the elegant Rouge Allure range.

It’s the second time they’ve done something different, if I recall correctly, after the memorable Numéro Rouges from last Christmas.

The ROUGE ALLURE VELVET EXTRÊME lipsticks offer new magnitudes of colour – maximum visual impact without relinquishing creamy luxuriousness. The six colours brazenly match the drama of the eyes in a selection of intense berry-, burgundy- and orange-reds.

In the range are:

N° 102 Modern: A caramel beige

On my skin, it pulls a little cool and seems like an excellent neutral for everyday wear or smokey eyes.

N° 110 Impressive: A bright orange

A velvety vermillion, this show-stopping shade is the statement you’ve been wanting to make! ;)

N° 112 Idéal: A red

The brand describes it succinctly but that’s all there is to it. On me, it veers just a touch warm but it seems like the kind of universal red to brighten up the visage.

N° 114 Épitome: An intense raspberry

Another striking shade, this rich raspberry is the cool counterpart to the outstanding orange.

N° 116 Extrême: A warm burgundy

With a hint of warmth, this pigmented plum is a great way for warmer skin tones to try a deepened wine shade.

N° 118 Éternel: A rosewood beige

A pink-toned beige, this nude will pair effortlessly with cool-toned eye looks.

The ultra-micronised pigments are combined with a complex of matcha tea, almond oil and Vitamin E for nourishment, well as natural rice and magnesia powders that offer mattifying might and a soft sensation.

A few of them swatched a little less evenly than I like; and I experienced a bit of resistance drawing them on.

On the lips, the dryness isn’t as marked and some colours glided on fairly effortlessly. Subsequent layers yielded excellent results: They went on with an increasing smoothness and evened out beautifully…perhaps due to the activation of the moisturising ingredients upon meeting the warmth of my lips?

The brand promises a second-skin effect, and whilst I wouldn’t say it wears that naturally, it does feel comfortable on my lips, with a velvety finish that even carries a gleam of its hydrating properties.

Though I tested them on non-prepped lips, I would advise that you prime yours. These are mattes, after all, and are less forgiving than something more moisturising (see below!).

I can’t help but think of the matte lip balm from Boy de Chanel; it seems like it’d be the right product to pair with this range.

4 new Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Colours will be introduced together with the Velvet Extrêmes.

These lipsticks are also dressed in black matte. Save for one shade, the colours aren’t limited-edition but the packaging is.

The matte covers are the same as those of the Velvet Extrême range, but they’re admittedly more striking, thanks to the contrast created by the signature glossy gold inner case embossed with the interlocking ‘C’s at the base.

Beloved ROUGE ALLURE VELVET lipstick lends its longwearing smoothness to four new matte shades, whose rosy caramels, soft pinks and plums offset powerful eyes.

Joining the “luminous colour lexicon” are:

N° 67 Peaceful: A soft pink
N° 68 Émotive: A caramel nude
N° 69 Abstrait: An intense rosewood
N° 70 Unique: A plum

Peaceful is the sheerest of the lot and also the only limited-edition colour. I’m assuming the rest will still be available, just in the original shiny black caps, once the special-packaging pieces are sold out.

My favourite of the four, Unique applies ever so silkily and has a beautiful, lustrous finish.

Here’s a quick look at Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême in 116 Extrême (top) and Rouge Allure Velvet in 70 Unique (bottom) on the lips.

While the Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême box has a full-black base with a matte front and shiny sides, the Rouge Allure Velvet box has a matte-black surface flanked by golden foil.

Which do you prefer?

In Singapore, these new mattes will retail at S$50. They will be available from 27 September 2018, at all Chanel beauty boutiques and from 5 October 2018, at all Chanel counters.


  • Gail says:

    Hi, thanks for the review and swatches. Would you be able to tell me if the new regular Rouge Allure Velvets like Abstrait and Unique contain BHT? I know the new formula Rouge Allure Velvet Extremes do not include BHT. Thanks.

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