Makeup Stash! Makeup Mag

Who are you?

I’m Mag (yes, that’s my real name) and I’m mad about makeup lovelies.

I use the nick makeupmag because it merges my name with my passion-obsession. Also, the mish-mash of  beauty-full things that I see/use/feel every day could easily make up a makeup mag. ;)

What is Makeup Stash!?

Makeup Stash! is a Singapore beauty blog that presents cosmetic reviews, makeup news and anything beauty-related, really. Colour play brings joy, so makeup stash-talk & all beauty fanatics are welcome here!

Why the exclamation mark?

I love words and the English language, so am loathe to abuse the oft-overused/much-beleaguered exclamation mark. However, the emphasis felt right when I started this website – a makeup stash needs an ‘!’ because it is a joyous trove of beauty promises.

May I use your material?

My work is copyrighted. Please do not reproduce anything without prior permission.

How can I contact you?

To contact me, send an email to mag [at] makeupstash [dot] com.