Lunasol Sheer Contrast Eyes in EX01 Blue Green Coral

July 22, 2008

A beauty reminiscent of Kesalan Patharan Face Color in S5, Blue Green Coral is a joy to behold!

Once again, I have been blessed with makeup joy – this lovely eyeshadow quad was given to me for my birthday by a close friend from Hong Kong. This lovely lady who is working in Singapore right now was home for a week and specially purchased this limited edition, oh-so-pretty quad for me. It cost under S$70 in HK – a good buy indeed, considering that Lunasol quads cost S$77 here in SG!

When we met, she kindly let me swatch her own quad so that I didn’t have to spoil the pristine surface of mine just yet. The quad is as beautiful as it looks – the teal and the green are special in that they are pigmented yet soft in appearance, while the cool toned brown finishes off the look with a tempered feel. The beige is very sparkly, as with most highlighter shades in Lunasol quads. I’ll review it properly, after I’ve fully played with it!

*Thank You* to a generous and dear old friend. :)

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