Makeup Mail: Manly Cosmetics 120 Palette

If you are into colourful looks but are not keen on purchasing dozens of single colour pots, this palette may be something to try.

Comprising 120 eyeshadows in variations of rainbow hues and more, this 22.7 x 15 x 1.7 cm palette from Manly Cosmetics is manufactured by Meidu Cosmetics Factory in China (and/or possibly Hong Kong) and includes a nice balance of matte and shimmery eyeshadows. I was rather amused by its name which connotes masculinity but it really stands for a Chinese name, 曼莉. When romanised, it reads/is pronounced ‘Mun Lee’.

I cannot vouch for the safety of the eyeshadows but online reviews have so far been positive. You can read some comments here and watch video reviews here. The general feedback is that the palette provides an extensive selection of colours (a little hard not to do, given its mindboggling number of pans!), gives good colour payoff (check out the pigmented swatches) and is value-for-money (divide its price by 120 and you will agree with this).

You can purchase it from, which seems to be the sole online retailer. You can also purchase it from the same retailer – with a different moniker – on eBay, where you can get the palette at a slightly lower price; depending on whether you are outbid. The palette typically comes with a free Made-in-China travel brush set.

I must concur with the many reviewers who say that ships the palette very securely. It came wrapped in safe sex style; that is, reams of bubble wrap wound securely and tightly around the palette box!

Even with the secure packing, a few buyers have received palettes with cracked eyeshadows. If this happens to you and the damage isn’t extensive, try pressing the shadow(s) back in using methylated spirit or rubbing alcohol to bind the powder.

Safe sex :P

Even the palette itself was bubble-wrapped!

without flash

The ingredient list on the back of the palette box


  • Frond says:

    would love to see some eotds with these Mag ^^

  • Sphinx says:

    I wonder if the content of the shadows are lead-free?
    This is my sole concern in not purchasing this rather attractive palette…

  • makeupmag says:

    Hi Sphinx!

    I don’t know but from what I’ve read, they appear to be all right.

    Apparently, someone emailed beauties factory to ask and the answer was in the negative. However, I’m not sure if they can be trusted to give an honest answer. :P

    I don’t think we’d know the truth unless we get it tested ourselves.

  • Anonymous says:

    hey, those are powders right? I’ve seen some cream eyeshadows, but I really want powder and this one really appeals

  • makeupmag says:

    Hi Anon,
    Yes, they are powder shadows. :)

  • Anonymous says:

    I have personally purchased this palette at the annual hair show in Orlando, FL. Not from this dealer, but, it all comes from Japan. It is Awesome! Aside from hair I also am a professional make-up artist and I was on the hunt for another palette with more color variety and this is the same one with 120 colors, rather that the one I purchased with 72!

  • makeupmag says:

    Hi Anon,

    Thanks for dropping by! Is the palette you bought made in Japan or shipped from Japan? Enjoy your palette! :)

  • Claire says:

    I’ve heard worrying things about the palette containing lead – do you know if thats true?

  • makeupmag says:

    Hi Claire,

    I Googled it a while back and apparently, someone emailed beauties factory to ask this question. They said no but I’m not sure if they can be trusted to give an honest answer. That said, if you apply a silicone-based primer, that should prevent staining/minimise contact with the skin.

  • Alina says:


    I wonder if the eyeshadows in this palette are tested on animals? Do you have any information about this?

  • makeupmag says:

    Hi Alina,

    I really have no idea regarding this. That said, China’s track record re: animal testing isn’t too positive, unfortunately. :(

  • Anonymous says:

    hi, i just ordered this today from ebay!! it was my first time ordering from ebay so im scared it might not even come lol.. it actually didnt tell me when its going to come. loads of people said they ordered from the seller chic-gallery, but i ordered from artmall88..i emailed the seller asking when im likely to receive it, so fingers crossed. :) D

  • makeupmag says:

    Hi Anon/ DX(?),

    I hope that the palette arrives in a timely manner and that you like it! :) I’d love to hear what you think about it.

  • Anonymous says:


    This is a wonderfull palette and definately worth the buy. I myself ordered this palette from ebay. Well, my mother ordered it, and sent it to me. When it came to her, there were a couple broken colours (no biggy). She’d placed pennies inside the palette over top of the colours to keep them from spreading. So if you need to travel and you have a broken colour, place a penny over top and it’ll stay put.

    Otherwise, great colours, excellent variety of them, and they all look beautiful together. I definately have fun with this palette, and recommend it to everyone.


  • makeupmag says:

    Hi Caitlin!

    Thank you for your comment. This is a very pretty and value-for-money palette. :)

    The penny tip is useful; thank you. I would wrap it in cling wrap, of course! :)

  • Anonymous says:

    Happy to say that these eyeshadows don't contain lead I read an article on them. So they are safe and no worrys. You can email any company that sells them and you will get an answer.

  • makeupmag says:

    Hello Anon,

    Thank you for your reassurance. I'll try looking for the article (if you could direct me to it, that'd be great!). :)

  • fizaa says:

    hi i like to know the price of it…..and is it available in india

  • makeupmag says:

    Hi Fizaa,

    The price varies on eBay. I'm not sure what the current price is on the Meidu website but you could click to check. I'm also not certain if it is readily available in India.

  • Sarah says:

    Hey :)

    I wonder if there is some place I can get them online where they can reach me quicker, is there someone in the UK who sells these? On average, how long do they take when arriving from China?

    I LOVE chinese eye shadows, bought a set somewhere and absolutely love it but there's one HUGE problem, they are too fragile, and I'm just a little clumsy :( even if you drop them from a 6" height they all shatter and break and there's a mess, I hope these aren't as fragile!

  • makeupmag says:

    Hello Sarah,

    I bought this from eBay and it arrived quite quickly. Mail to the UK from Asia usually doesn't take very long. :)

    There have been comments about how some shadows in this palette sometimes arrive crushed in the mail. However, this is quite random. To be honest, the seller packs the palette really well. I suppose it all boils down to luck.

    Small shadow damages can be redeemed with some methylated spirit though.

    Good luck with your purchase!

  • Light and Fluffy says:

    Ack, I just bought this on ebay and hurried because there were only 3 miutes left to 'buy now' and it was the lowest price.
    Realized it's 'New Colour B' and includes what appear to be totally different colours then the original.
    Has anyone purchased 'B' and can you let me know if it is any good?
    :( Thanks in advance

  • makeupmag says:

    Hello Light & Fluffy!

    I had no idea there was a new set of colours. Are they velvety and shimmery like the original? If so, they ought to be good. :)

  • Tiny says:

    How much is the palette? I would love to place an order

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Tiny,

      It depends on how much you bid on eBay and how much the people with whom you are are vying for the palette are willing to pay.

  • Ashley says:

    I love the tutorials on this palette but one MAJOR problem is that the main ingredient is TALC. yucky bummer. Not good for you but especially not for me, Im soooo sensitive. Both my skin and eyes even have a hard time with pure mineral makeup let alone talc and colorants. Im soooo bummed! I guess Ill just keep wishing for the lottery! :)

  • maria luz says:

    soy argentinaa… y me interesa muchoo saber si tiene proveedores en mi pais!! ya que me encantaria saber los precios de las paletas de maquillaje

  • Juliana Balduino says:

    Hello, I’m from Brazil and would like to know how to buy your products for resale here in Brazil. Have any other site of the store!
    I would expect a return.
    Thank you.

  • beautyfreak says:

    Hello makeupmag, do you know if this Manly Cosmetics is a China brand or what?
    Are they the same with BH Cosmetics 120 pallete?

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Beautyfreak,

      If I recall correctly, this is made in Shenzhen, according to the back of the box. I haven’t heard of BH Cosmetics.

  • Pa says:

    Hey where you got those eyeshadow from? How much? Let me know, i would love to buy a pack too. Thank You!

    Ms. Pa

  • Rebecca says:

    I purchased this from eBay about 6 months ago. I AM IN LOVE.

    Amazing quality, for the price. About 90% of the shadows are superbly pigmented, go on smooth with a nice velvety texture, and they LAST. A few of the light pinks and the matte purple don’t have as high of a color pay off, but who cares?

    I am an absolute makeup snob, and I am SO impressed by this. The brush set they give you is not the best, but I have found a couple of the brushes to be very helpful and use them quite a bit.

    But this is worth purchasing. Tons of colors, the large majority of them go far beyond their means in terms of the price. I recommend this to everyone I know!

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Rebecca,

      I agree with you. Some pans are crumbly but most wear very well. The colours are incredibly intense and show up beautifully, especially with a base. They work like a dream with a sponge-tip applicator.

  • hottcouture says:

    Hey everyone

    I didn’t order my palette from bfcosmetics in Chine because of the negative reviews about shipping and mainly because it states on there site you would receive your order in 5-21 days thts toooooo long for me!

    So I opted to order from BHcosmetics they had wonderful reviews about customer…and videos. They were more expensive than Ebay & bfcosmetics but they ship out the same day if you order before 3pm and the packages are insured automaticaly….so I opted for BHcosmetics I’m looking forward to it arriving!

  • hottcouture says:

    Hey everyone

    I just wantex to give u an update on my 120 palette that I ordered from because of there good reviews,return policy and they automatically insure your purchase….YEAH

    They are about $5-$10 more than bfcosmetics in china but it won’t take u 21-45 days to get it!!!

    Bh cosmetics sent me a confirmation email telling me my order# again my order was received being processed and would be shipped out the same day by 3pm…also a confirmation tracking #
    from UPS my palette left at 1230 and is in transit arriving to me on Tuesday!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!

    I also received a email apologizing for the delay being though it was a holiday and large oreding volume that there usual turn around time was 2-5 days but it was on the way.

    When I did my order I did use a coupon posted on line and it worked so I saved some dollars!

    But I’m still doing research but the company bfcosmetics are cheaper but you from what I have read reviewed..YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR PALETTE WITH SOME DAMAGED COLORS AND IT IS A HEADACE TO RETURN!!


    I am a hairdresser so I plan to use it for prom…it will keep from transporting a lot of individual eyeshadows!!

    I plan to order the matter palettes I was also thinking about reselling them in my salon…I know for me ordering is a pain I like to have what I spent my money on instantly!

    Sorry for the long post let me know!

    I also have different sites I found the palettes on in the us!


    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Hottcouture,

      Thank you for your shopping feedback. I’m sure it’d be useful to the many people who read this post. :) There’s no guarantee that every palette will be intact – some pans do have a little softness to them and hence might be prone to cracking / crumbling.

      There are several Youtube makeup tutorial videos featuring this palette; you could take a look there. Have fun!

  • Shana says:

    I’ve been looking at different reviews for this palette and I’m not sure where to purchase it. I’m wanting to buy one for myself and one for my cousin who shares my interest in makeup. I definitely do not want them to come broken and I definitely dont want to pay 30+ dollars! (bills are outrageous!) So who would you recommend? (i am open to anyones suggestions!)

    P.S. I’d like them to arrive by Christmas

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Shana,

      I’ve only had one experience buying this palette and it was from Beauties Factory at eBay, when the prices were lower. I’m sorry; I don’t know whom to recommend. If you know someone in Shanghai – a friend once told me that you could order these on a Chinese website for much less.

  • Holly says:

    Hello! I purchased this from Ebay from a seller by the name of siusiustar and they are located in Hong Kong and I got my package in 8 days! My friend ordered from them as well too and had a pretty fast turn around. I am in the United States so that wasn’t bad! Love it! Can’t wait to play with it. I too am a make up snob but I heard such great things about this pallette!

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Holly!

      8 days is great for HK-US mail, especially with the postal tardiness that we’re seeing these days. Enjoy your palette! :)

  • AC says:

    Hey i would like one of this! how do i order it!?!

  • joelle says:

    I bought this palette on ebay from china for $25 (shipping included) i LOVE the colors

    you can see how vibrant the colors are in the looks ive created on my youtube page.

  • Ronald Palisano says:

    I’ve been enjoying your article for some time. You’ve a superb post :) Please post more often. Keep it up!!!

  • Jacimara says:

    I woul like to know how can i buy the make up Manly cometics 120 palette…. my cell 215-768.8543

  • candie says:

    it’s very helpful. thank you!!!

  • lucy bravo says:

    where can l buy manly makeup cosmetics?, is urgent if l can answer quick please

  • Adrian says:

    eBay for sure is the place for it, most of the Asian sellers are very professional and helpful. If your package is damaged or doesn’t arrive they will send a new one out. I’ve received a palette with a few broken yellows and sent a quick email and they said keep the palette and they will send a fresh replacement and I received it in about 15 days. sells the exact product but with their name on it if you’d rather receive it quicker. BH carries the 2 120 palettes that are easily found on eBay as well as a new one that I’ve not seen anywhere else. Their 60 lip palette is the best thing ever, I’ll probably never use lipstick again. Good luck.

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Adrian,

      Thanks for your feedback. I haven’t tried the lip palettes but I do love my 120 eyeshadow one! :)

  • ck says:

    i’m looking at all of these pallettes and they look VERY similar to BHCOSMETICS Eyeshadow. I was totally convinced into purchasing their item but after seeing MANLY Eyeshadows they look exactly alike. Is BHCOSMETICS a fraud?

  • amy says:

    i received manly makeup 120 pallete as a gift for my birthday in 09 it is one of the best things ever and pretty much the best eyeshadow ive ever used. i highly recommend it and it has a wide variety of colors you will love it

  • ladys says:

    can someone give me some links to the Asian sellers that are trust worthy

    kind regards

  • martina says:

    where it was possible to buy a plate of those colors, please?

  • martina says:

    sure the colors are amazing but I do not know how much it costs and where to buy it would be sent to the Czech Republic

  • martina says:

    Good day. I wrote here longer intends twice please if you can write a thank you urgent reply.

  • irene song says:

    may i noe where is ur place???i m from much this manly cosmetic

  • maria says:

    Are det manly eyeshadow kit testet on animals or not?

  • Emily M. says:

    hi i just ordered this pallete yesterday and i was wondering when you run out of a color can you order the single pods?

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