Review | Shiseido Hydro Powder Eye Shadow in H11 Rose Tulle

Part of Shiseido’s Spring 2008 collection, Rose Tulle (S$39) is a neutral shade that can give your eyes a subtle lift. It looked unexciting at the counter but once applied, I was taken by the multi-coloured shimmer dispersed within the cream shadow. I walked away but I could not ignore the swatch I had of it on the back of my hand. So I slowly wove my way back to the counter and bought it! :P

Rose Tulle is essentially a sheer nude pink. It does not have the creamy consistency and effect of some of the other Hydro Powders. However, it reminds me a lot of Whitelights, with its bouncy, almost mousse-like texture. Whitelights is decidedly more striking though. It is slightly creamier and shows up on the skin by virtue of its silvery white shade. Rose Tulle, on the other hand, blends right into the skin, leaving a translucent veil of shimmer. Some have complained that the colour barely shows up and they are right. Nevertheless, the delicate shimmer affords an understated eye look that has just a kiss of the unusual.

Apply one or two layers from lash to brow to open up the eye area. If you would like a little more depth, you will need to apply more layers (thin and just a few, to prevent caking).

If you are looking for a pigmented shade, this is not for you – it is very, very sheer. If, however, you would like a subtle shimmery eyeshadow or a base for your eyeshadows, you should give this a try. The shimmer peeks through powder shadows and twinkles prettily, especially under the light. Its wonderful formula also ensures that the shimmer – and your shadows – stays put. Be careful not to apply too much powder though; this can reduce the shimmer effect.


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