Sephora in Singapore

Perhaps some of my makeup wishes will be fulfilled this year. Walking past where the Coffee Bean outlet used to be at Ngee Ann City, I saw a black hoarding bearing the magic word ‘SEPHORA’.

Now, I’ve already been to the lacklustre Sephora counter at DFS it only carried items from the Sephora brand. That was a letdown for local makeup lovers, who had high hopes for it before it launched.

However, this new Sephora store seems to hold makeup promises with the phrases ‘Famous Luxury Brands’ and ‘Exclusive Brands from Around the World’ boldly displayed on the hoarding.

I doubt that the range will be as extensive as that in the US but I certainly hope that Urban Decay makes it here!


  • birkinbagbeauty says:

    Nice, my country had the launch of a couple of Sephora’s as well. We did not get any Urban Decay, but we got Makeupforever, Too Faced, Cargo and the cute Benefit!

    I hope you’ll get Urban decay!

  • makeupmag says:

    :) Birkinbeauty!

    MUFE is a great brand. We have that already, as well as Benefit, luckily!

    I’d love to see Cargo and Too Faced though! It’d be wonderful to have them here.

    Which country are you in?

  • Mellerson says:

    Oh man, I really hope we get an Urban Decay too, tired of having to hoard my supply of UDPP! That being said, I was recently in Beijing and checked out their Sephora, and sadly no UD, in fact it was all the “normal” counter brands plus Makeupforever and I was pretty disappointed. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen here.

  • sesame says:

    Oooh…nice! I agree the DFS one is really nothing to shout about. But I look forward to visiting this one. Any idea when it will open its door officially?

    I haven’t been going to town for awhile. Must make a trip this weekend!

  • Dor says:

    Oh, I miss Urban Decay! I bought their items when they were here and is still keeping it till date! Now taka is my heaven, it has mojolica as well! I hope to see Cargo and Too Faced too. Any NARS?

  • makeupmag says:

    Hi Dor,

    Like you, I still have a couple of items from UD from the time it had a counter here. :) What did you get?

    Not sure about NARS but if it does come, the price points better be good! :P I’m looking forward to seeing the Multiple Duos! :)

  • makeupmag says:


    I have no idea regarding the exact launch date but I know that it will be a special day! :D

    Go to town and blog about your shopping trip – I want to see your hauls! ;)

  • makeupmag says:

    Hi Mellerson!

    It wouldn’t be smart marketing to bring in MUFE when that’s already available! I’m hoping for NARS and UD…and VL, if they’d like to make a comeback! :)

    You like UDPP a lot?

  • aichaku-愛着 says:

    I’m very looking forward to Sephora’s opening!

  • YIGE says:

    hope there will be smashbox and nars~~

  • makeupmag says:

    Hi Aichaku,

    Me too! I really hope the brands available will be much-wanted ones.

    My wishlist:
    Kevyn Aucoin
    Too Faced
    Urban Decay
    Vincent Longo


  • makeupmag says:

    Hi Yige,
    Oh yes, Smashbox too! :D

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