MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade vs Etude Marbleade Baked Blush in #3

Some time back, Yumeko requested comparison swatches of MAC Lightscapade and Etude Marbleade Baked Blush in #3. Here they are, at last!

Lightscapade is a soft white with extremely subtle pink and lavender tones. It is softer than Marbleade #3, both in finish and texture. Its velvety feel means that it easily gives a seamless finish to your blushes, imparting a beautiful glow. It looks a tad frostier in the photo but I may have packed it on a little, compared to the Marbleade.Marbleade #3 has a slightly frostier finish, in real life. It has overt apricot and pink tones and is more golden than Lightscapade. I like how it shows up well on the skin yet does not come off as metallic or obviously frosty.

The word ‘radiance’ applies more accurately to the Marbleade than to Lightscapade, for which the word ‘glow’ seems more appropriate. Although both are essentially soft frosts, the Marbleade is stronger in appearance/colour payoff. As such, I believe some people would actually prefer the Marbleade to Lightscapade. Since it is more readily available, I would strongly encourage you to purchase this, should you want added radiance on the cheeks or are a highlighter lover! :)


  • Yumeko/Bittenbefore says:

    oooh here u are!
    where have u beeen!
    and yah comparison photos for me!
    i must buy the baked blush i think cos i am not willing to pay the second market prices for lightscapade

  • makeupmag says:

    Hello Yumeko!

    So sweet of you to ask after me! *huggies* :) I have a list of posts to write but I don’t know where the time goes. :( I will do my best though.

    BUY it and post about it! ;)

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