What I Took to Bangkok | Part III

What comes after Part I and Part II? Part III, of course…and the last bit of this little Makeup-for-Bangkok trip that you took with me! :)

14. iPSA Versatile Powder S in 504

An old favourite, this soft pink highlighting powder not only tempers warm bases (both powdered and cream), it also adds a refined finish to an eye look.

15. Canmake Cheek and Highlight in 01 Tea Rose Pink

Although this blush is essentially cool-toned, its rosy tones allow it to pair nicely with certain warm looks. The pale highlighter shade is a beauty on its own, giving a pretty glow to cheeks.

16. MAC Blot Loose Powder in Medium (travel size)

This popular powder from MAC stays the oilies! The loose powder version of this product imparts a natural finish. It is so finely milled that it delivers a smooth appearance, rather than a dry, matte one (as some oil-control powders do). Unfortunately, as cute as it is, the small container is a little frustrating to get product out of/ lift product off.

17. Garnier UV Protect Advanced Daily UV Blocking Lotion SPF50/PA+++ with Mexoryl SX/XL in Beige and Purple

Although these can be somewhat greasy, I love their high sun protection factor. I also like that the purple delivers a subtle radiance, while the beige evens out my skintone well. The greasiness can be rectified with a ply or two of tissue paper.

18. Customised eyeshadow palette containing i nuovi Plasma, i nuovi Iridia, i nuovi 2000 and a metallic white gold eyeshadow from Red Earth

I adore this palette. It contains one of my favourite greens in my entire collection – Iridia. I cannot rave enough about this beautiful green, the colour of cowgrass hit by brilliant sunlight.

It forms a perfect trio with the ocean blue of Plasma and the lime-touched yellow of 2000. The colours are so completely complementary and easy to wear, it is no wonder that this palette has gone with me to Bangkok four times in a row!

I don’t always use the metallic Red Earth shadow but it makes a great inner rim and tear duct colour to perk up the eyes.

19. THEFACESHOP Brow Powder Duo in #01

This brow palette is beautiful to look at – a brushed matte case with an artistic curve, I like how it feels in the hand and how stylish it looks.

The product inside is even more rave-worthy. The deep chocolate brown paired with a warmer brown make a complementary duo for dark-haired lasses. The two tones are versatile in that they allow me to create different brow looks. I also like that the difference in shades lets me gradate brow colour.

The quality is excellent for its price – there is no flyaway (the powder is firmly pressed yet is easily picked up by a brow brush) and the colours are pigmented but not too pigmented (just right for brows, really).

I like using this over a brow pencil to soften brow looks without compromising on the definition a pencil affords.

20. Shiseido Integrate Eye Color Pencil in VI541

One of the prettiest purple pencils out there, VI541 is what I’ve always wanted MAC to produce – a pencil that possesses the depth and intensity of MAC Parfait Amour eye shadow. Admittedly, VI541 is slightly warmer than Parfait Amour but I’m happy, nonetheless!

The best thing? It is waterproof. I truly enjoy using waterproof chubby pencils as lid bases. What’s more, despite its waterproof quality, this pencil goes on like butter on the lids.

21. MAC Shadesticks in Sea Me and Overcast

The brilliant sea blue that is Sea Me makes it an indubitably *wow!* blue shade. It is perfect as a base for teals and greens too, adding complexity to these colours. However, the effect of this pencil is often blotchy and getting it to go on smoothly takes some effort. Fortunately, Overcast (a simple shimmery white) does not have this problem, although it is prone to slight caking.

22. Lunasol Lighting for Eyes in 04 Neutral

A must-have palette for lovers of neutrals. This is so popular, it is constantly out of stock at my local counter. Beautiful, shimmery, complementary, pigmented, intense, versatile – positive adjectives abound, where this palette is concerned.

23. C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint in Tint No. 1136

A refreshing, mint-scented gloss that is halfway between a gloss and a balm. A hint of rose and a hint of coral, this shade is suitable for most Asian girls.

24. L’occitane Tinted Shea Butter Balm in Blackberry

This has surprising depth of colour despite its shea butter composition. I like using this when wearing purple.

25. Shu Uemura Hard Formula Eyebrow Pencil in Stone Gray 05

One of the best brow products out there, this firm pencil gives natural definition like no other pencil. Light stroking and careful feathering will give you a your-brows-but-better appearance. Be warned: brows cannot be completely dry or void of product; this pencil needs something to grab onto. Any face product will do I usually have tinted sunscreen on my brows before using this.

26. MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencils in Engraved and Stubborn Brown

My must-have waterproof pencils for lining lash lines and waterlines. W
hen using these on the lash lines, I always layer powder eyeshadow over them so that the lines would last.

27. THEFACESHOP Automatic Eyebrow Pencil in 01/Black

Control is a must with this pencil as it lays down pigment all too easily. Its angled nib isn’t very precise either. That said, its intensity can be toned down with its attached spooly brush and by pairing it with a light brown brow shade. I do like its richness of colour as it can give me the dark brow colour that I sometimes desire.

* Detailed reviews of some of these products to come shortly *
So, what decided this Bangkok stash? In essence, it was my desire for:


Even though I brought enough items to last me months, a few of them were versatile in that they could give me a variety of looks on their own.

Colour matching

I made sure that I brought the right colours to match my clothes and that the shades in each colour set complemented one another.

Sun protection

A good sunscreen was de rigeur in a place so exposed to the sun.

Products that could withstand the heat and humidity of Bangkok

Waterproof items were a necessity, as were oil-controlling ones. I also brought along items that allowed me to layer; enabling my makeup to last on the face.

I had a ton of fun deciding what to bring to Bangkok. I cannot imagine how many products would follow me when I make a trip to a place farther away! When that time comes, I will look forward to dealing with the makeup conundrum…after all, it is a blessing to be so spoilt for choice! :)

I recently went on another trip to Bangkok, so look out for my posts regarding that. I promise I won’t take as long to write about it as I did with this post! ;)


  • The Casual Kitchener says:

    I love this blog! I love the way you write. I love your objective and very informative reviews. I would love to have a makeup consultation with you if ever I’m Singapore!

  • makeupmag says:

    *HUGGIES* Kat sweetie. Thank you for your many encouraging comments; they make me feel all warm inside. :)

    And you know, when I read your last sentence, my mind flashed back to the times we used to talk/go through/swatch makeup before and after my little one was born! ;):D

  • juschev says:

    I’m still waiting for that Bangkok Trip 2 post to come LOL;)

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