Cupcake Makeup

We’ve seen makeup cupcakes and now we have cupcake makeup!

These cupcake lipglosses come in jars and trays but are typically sold in sets of four.

You could even wear them.

She Wants gives you a closer look at the gloss contents. They seem to be generic products, judging from their variety of packaging and the names they are sold under.

If you baulk at candy-coloured plastic, you may prefer these glosses in
subtler packaging.

If pot glosses are not your thing, you might like to try these tube ones, which immediately made me think of Bonne Bell Lip Smackers. In tune with the cupcake theme, I was also reminded of the brand’s Lip Frostings. I love the latter for their smooth feel and delicious flavours, not to mention their awesome glossy appearance!

Not keen on any of the above? MAC’s Sugarsweet collection may wake your makeup sweet tooth with a twinge of candy craving. :)


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