EOTD | MAC Spring/ Easter Eye

I may have a penchant for smokey eyes lately but a colourful spring eye is mandatory for the month of April, in which rebirth and resurrection are celebrated.

After seeing MAC Sugarsweet the day before, I decided to shop my stash and used three of the five shadows that are being repromoted in the collection (Aquavert, Club and Stars ‘N’ Rockets).

I used:

  • Beauté de Kosé Eye Fantasist in BE353 Moonstone as an all-over base
  • Shiseido Integrate Pencil Eye in GR311 on the inner lid

  • Shiseido Integrate Pencil Eye in VI541 on the outer lid
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Aquavert over the green pencil, topped with MAC Eye Shadow in Bitter for a more yellow-green look
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Stars ‘N’ Rockets over the purple pencil
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Pink Papillon in the outer socket indent, blending into Stars ‘N’ Rockets
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Gorgeous Gold in the inner socket indent, blending into the green
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Brule from socket indent to brow
  • MAC Eye Shadow in Dazzlelight to highlight the brow bone
  • MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Bountiful Brown to line, layered with MAC Eye Shadow in Club and the brown in Stila Baked Eye Shadow Trio Bronze Glow (Club looked a tad too green-grey for my liking, so I topped the liner with the brown)

Does this not remind you of an Easter egg? :)

I’ve created this spring look several times using other eyeshadows/ shade variations. The above is a similar look from 2005, using MAC Lustrevision eyeshadows. These shadows are somewhat rougher in texture and needed to be buffed down. If I recall correctly, I applied them over MAC Shadesticks. Look at how thin my brows were then! :)

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