Majolica Majorca Fall in Singapore now!

A message from Majolica Majorca:

‘Dear Majolica Majorca Friends,

New Year is a joyous time where we celebrate the arrival of spring and look forward to fulfilling our hopes and dreams! Many of you, I’m sure, would love to have a pair of wings that can enable to fly. Now, with Majolica Majorca, you can……

Chapter 20: A story about creating your own wings.

Even further, even higher– she was always wishing.

“Just wishing?” said a voice from somewhere.

“Wings are what you grow yourself,” and a thousand tiny black feathers fluttered down around her.

She takes the feathers and adorns her hair and eyelashes with them, totally absorbed in her task.

“Now I can fly, now that I have these wings.”

She feels she can keep flying forever with the wings she’s made herself.

Chapter 20 has landed on our shores! Featuring 5 new products to magically transform you:

Lash Gorgeous Wing Mascara boosts the density of your lashes, making them look like they might take flight! One colour: BK999

Majolook (Trick On) will enhance the 3D appearance of your eyes with 4 different powder eyeshadows . Two new colours: GR750 & BR751

Rouge Majex liquid rouge creates bee-stung, glistening lips. Two new colours: PK211 & BE210.

Available at selected Watsons outlets.’

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