My Gransenbon Gran Blushes

A few people asked me which Gransenbon blushes I’d bought, so I thought I’d post them here. After playing at the display stand, I eventually left Watsons with 01 Lady Rose, 02 Candy Pink, 07 Blossom Pink, 11 Sugar Marmalade and two 13 Cherry Fromages.

I already own Lady Rose and Blossom Pink but I bought the former for an old friend and the latter for a makeup gift exchange. :) The extra Cherry Fromage is waiting to be gifted to a very special makeup friend!

These are the ones I actually own.

Top, left to right: 01 Lady Rose, 02 Candy Pink, 07 Blossom Pink
Bottom, left to right: 10 Vanilla, 11 Sugar Marmalade, 12 Peach Rose, 13 Cherry Fromage

My collection may not be as extensive as Iris’s but I love it all the same! :D

Thanks to Iris (*waves and a cyber hug*), I was able to obtain the limited edition Vanilla. It is a unique highlighter in that it doesn’t have the usual gold or silver shimmer but pink!

The finely milled rose-coloured shimmer dispersed throughout the creamy bed of vanilla imparts a golden pink iridescence that makes it an exquisite highlighting powder. :)


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