Majolica Majorca: Singapore Prices

Here is the updated price list:

  • Automatic Neo Liner (Liquid Liner) S$20.90
  • Brow Customize Holder (Brow Pencil Holder) S$7.10
  • Brow Customize Powder Refill (Powder Pencil Nib Refill) S$9.10
  • Brow Customize Sword Cut Refill (Angled Pencil Nib Refill) S$9.10
  • Brow Customize Super Slim Refill (Ultra Fine Pencil Nib Refill) S$9.10
  • Cheek Customize (Pressed Blush Single) S$14.50
  • Customize Case (Case for Two Eye Shadow Singles/One Blush Single) S$11.50
  • Frozen Splash Eyes (Cream Eye Shadow Pot) S$15.00
  • Eye Shadow Customize (Pressed Eye Shadow Single) S$9.90
  • Honey Pump Gloss (Squeeze Tube Lipgloss) S$9.90
  • Honey Pump Gloss Neo (Squeeze Tube Lipgloss, an improved version of Honey Pump Gloss) S$12.90
  • Honey Pump Lip Essence (Squeeze Tube Lip Care Essence) S$11.50
  • Jeweling Eyes (Eyeshadow Palette) S$27.50
  • Jewelling Eyeliner Pencil (Water-Resistant Pencil Liner) S$14.50
  • Lash Bone (Lash Base) S$24.50
  • Lash Bone Black Fiber (Lash Base) S$24.90
  • Lash Enamel Glamour Neo (Volumising Mascara) S$25.90
  • Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On in BK999 (Volumising Mascara) S$25.90
  • Lash Expander Neo (Lengthening Mascara) S$25.90
  • Majex Lip Balm (Lip Balm Pot) S$15.00
  • Majolook Illuminator (Eye Shadow Palette) S$25.90
  • Majolook Trick On (Eye Shadow Palette) S$24.50
  • Custom Assist Cheek Brush (mini blush brush to fit in compact) S$5
  • Custom Assist Line Brush (mini eyeshadow brush to fit in compact) S$3.20
  • Custom Assist Tip Brush (mini sponge tip applicator to fit in compact) S$3.20
  • Pressed Fantasia 24h (Pressed Powder) S$20.90
  • Pressed Fantasia 24h Customize Case (Case for Pressed Fantasia 24h) S$11.50
  • Rouge Majex (Angled Doe-Foot Wand Lipgloss) S$17.50
  • Skin Lingerie (Makeup Base) S$20.90
  • Skin Remaker Compact Case (Case for Skin Remaker) S$12.90
  • Skin Remaker Refill (Powder Foundation Refill) S$29.50
  • Top & Base Nails S$7.10
  • Glow & Quick Nails S$7.10
  • Jeweling Line Nails S$7.10

Presently, Majolica Majorca can only be found at the Watsons outlet in Ngee Ann City. Happily, more counters will soon open at other Watsons outlets across the island!

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