Perfect Potion Natural Skincare and Organic Essential Oils

Perfect Potion is a natural skincare brand that I recently stumbled upon. With its origins in Australia, Perfect Potion is certified by Germany’s BDIH, a recognised European regulator of natural cosmetics and skincare.

Well-known Down Under, the brand also has an extensive range of ACO certified essential oils. Its tagline, ‘How would you like to feel today?’, alludes to the mood-lifting abilities of its natural scents.

Its creams and spritzes bear promises of epidermal relief, while its organic scents offer mental relaxation…or invigoration, depending on your needs.

In Singapore, the essential oils are priced from S$21.90 to S$186.90. I was fascinated to learn that the roses for the rose otto essential oil are handpicked and that it takes 4000 rose petals (!) to yield 100 ml of the oil.

I particularly like the Aromatic Mists (50 ml / S$28.90). Laced with essential oil blends, they are face and body sprays that comfort (Sweet Dreams Pillow Mist), invigorate (Jetsetter), calm (Relax), energise (Zest) and sexify (Eros)!

I bought:

* Blue Mallee Eucalyptus Essential Oil – This oil is good for headaches, colds, sinus congestion and is wonderful paired with lavender EO.

* Jet Setter Aromatic Mist – This refreshing spray contains a blend of lemon, geranium and peppermint to both soothe and invigorate.

* Relax Aromatic Mist – A gift for a friend, this is a concoction of lavender, geranium and ylang ylang for calming purposes.

To take a look at Perfect Potion products, visit local Perfect Potion stores at International Plaza, Parkway Parade and United Square.

Image source: Perfect Potion


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