Review | Real Lasting 1 Day Volume Enhancing Mascara in 01 Jet Black

K-Palette Real Lasting Volume Enhancing Mascara

When Japalang gave me this mascara to try two months ago, the first thing I noticed was that it was part of K-Palette‘s 24h range. Coined by the brand and copied by many thereafter, the term ’24h’ refers to the long-lasting nature of this line of products. Having found my holy grail in waterproof mascaras (Kosé Fasio), it was with a little reservation that I test-drove this item.

K-Palette Real Lasting 1 Day Volume Mascara

A film type waterproof mascara that adheres well to each lash to create dramatic lashes with outstanding volume.

Polymer ingredients make it resistant to water, sweat, oil to prevent ‘panda eyes’ and it is clump-free. You can now have beautiful, soft and impactful lashes that lasts all day. Use it with K-Palette 1 Day Keep Base to keep curls. Can be easily removed with lukewarm water.

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According to the brand, Real Lasting 1 Day Volume Enhancing Mascara in 01 Jet Black (S$25.90) is a waterproof voluminising / lengthening mascara that is easy to remove. It is also similar to tube mascaras like Déjàvu Fiberwig and Blinc – like them, this mascara is composed of fibres and pigments.

I remember seeing it on one of the lovely ladies at Japalang and being surprised by how easily its  inkiness defined her eyeshadow / eyeliner-free eyes. The same lady told me that it did not smudge at all, despite wearing it the entire day.

Having used it for the past two months, I can safely say that this mascara is able to impart a fair amount of volume and in turn, define the eyes with its blackness. It lengthens adequately, although I feel that it is sometimes susceptible to clumping.

It dries somewhat quickly and does not smudge my glasses after application. Once set, it clings to the lashes and I only see a flake or two on the undereye area after more than twelve hours of wear. I tried removing it with water but found that it was much easier to take off with a makeup remover. A gentle one does the trick; I need not resort to using MAC Cleanse Off Oil, my go-to remover for heavy-duty makeup.

This mascara does not impart immediate dramatic effect; neither does it offer extreme volume or length. Instead, it delivers a your-lashes-but-better appearance and is, essentially, a simple everyday mascara that is easy to wear and not difficult to remove. In fact, I recently recommended it to a few teachers because it is perfect for the conservative (by choice or profession) makeup wearer.

That said, careful layering with the mascara does give lashes more oomph. If you have the patience, you can still imbue your lashes with a little more derring-do with it.

Available locally at Watsons and internationally at Beauty Carousel, this lash enhancer is contained in a plain and almost cheap-looking plastic tube that belies the efficacy of the product. Would I buy it the future? Yes, not least because I like how this mascara is a bridge between non-waterproof mascaras that run easily and waterproof ones that are a pain to remove. :)

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  • ilyana says:

    yay another sg beauty blogger!
    Thank you for the review! I think Majolica Majorca mascaras are some of the best I’ve tried so far ;D

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Ilyana,

      I should start using my brand new MJ mascaras. ;) The only one I’ve personally tried is Lash Gorgeous Wing which isn’t very good on its own.

  • ovi says:

    hi, do u already using MJ glamour volume? how its comparable to MJ? i’m torn between this or MJ

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Ovi,

      This mascara is more suitable as an everyday mascara as it can be layered. The MJ one shouldn’t be layered too much as it is very waterproof – you will get spidery/brittle lashes after a bit.

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